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false not as described ebay It is exactly the same as shown in nbsp I have recently bought 2 items that are false description eg 1. I knew that because of the language the buyer used to describe his issue which was false. A buyer is falsely claiming items not as described and demanding full refund including postage anyone else had false claims Options. Go to ebay. PayPal goes a long way in protecting your money and A buyer falsely claiming an item was not as described A buyer returning an item other than the original item received A buyer using or damaging an item and then returning it For more information on consequences see the Using eBay section of the User Agreement. I either Jun 04 2019 Once the scammer has your money through untraceable means they will stop communicating with you and will not send the item. A buyer and seller must make sure every single one of these requirements are met in order to qualify for protection. 6 Buyer opens false claim stating that quot wifi card doesn 39 t work quot Listing was for a computer LCD. Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson pushed back against what she described as a false narrative surrounding her insisting that she is not a wacky new age nutcase. MOBIEBAY15 not working on eBay on applying coupon getting the message quot This eBay coupon cannot be used for this item. This means that items sold through eBay by business sellers must be of quot satisfactory quality quot quot as described quot and quot fit for purpose quot . eBay buyer returned an empty envelope What will ebay customer service do Then the ebay buyer leaves you negative feedback and gets your money and you parts. Report Inappropriate Content Message 2 of 5 536 Views Item location misrepresentation. In addition we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the buyer 39 s coverage under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. May 05 2015 I don 39 t know that I have heard of even one case of abuse like this. If not then there 39 s no quot not as described quot get out there. 4k members in the Ebay community. The buyer filed a dispute with Paypal claiming he had not received the item. The most important piece of legislation relating to the sale of goods through eBay. Ebay Guarantee is a new program to provide buyers on eBay a speedier resolution of their valid true and correct claims for 39 Items Not Received 39 and 39 Item Significantly Not as Described 39 . eB ay says that nothing can be proved otherwise so you lose. Except where specified the data types in the table below follow the conventions for XML Schema simple types as described by the World Wide Web Consortium in XML Currently PayPal doesn 39 t provide any not as described protection off eBay because we can never know how the items were originally described once the sale is made the seller can change or take down the listing and we never know what it said. Return an item that was damaged during delivery. ebay. r Ebay The unofficial eBay subreddit. I delivered the package to the USPS location but it never made it to the seller so no refund was issued. Seller didn 39 t pay for insurance so USPS won 39 t even let me file a claim. As I mentioned before it is and I can prove it. This protection covers you only for nondelivery of tangible items and tangible items that are received but are significantly not as described it does not cover items that you are simply disappointed with. The merchandise is damaged or defective. If this happens you need to tell your seller within 30 days of your actual or latest estimated delivery date. eBay will always assist in a criminal investigation received from Law Enforcement. PayPal Buyer Protection protects the Buyer if an item purchased has not been shipped Item Not Received or INR or if a shipped item is significantly not as described by the Seller SNAD see Section 4. It was an eight hundred dollars item for which I accepted 700 and it went to UK. The first step is to contact the member through the Resolution Center and try to resolve the problem. What happened to auction standards Buyers taking advantage of the not as described feature and killing your metrics thus causing your account to drop below standard. INADs are costly and should be avoided. the seller has to pay the return postage if they want the item back. First it announced fee changes that initially were promoted as quot lower fees quot but the details showed were only Time and again some buyers lie for either free goods or they didnt like the item and create a false claim using the not as described choice for free returns. Jan 28 2019 It s just a constant battle with eBay buyer opens a return for not as described as they have not read the listing to see something thing is missing. Time and again some buyers lie for either free goods or they didnt like the item and create a false claim using the not as described choice for free returns. SCAMS COMMITTED BY EBAY BUYERS. The buyer then opened another two cases via PayPal for item not received and item not as described . It was sent with tracking and delivered without issue but a few days later I discover the buyer has opened a SNAD because she received 39 only one of the items and not the ten she expected to receive 39 . You ll receive the return shipping label credit on your monthly invoice. Nonetheless the site is saturated with imitation merchandise. I received a false claim what should I do Offer 30 day or longer returns to be protected from item not as described claims on eligible transactions. Feb 16 2009 I sell on eBay. Here are some tips on winning eBay claims as a seller. But let s be honest maintaining 100 positive feedback on eBay is hard very hard especially when you start dealing with hundreds and even thousands of transactions per month. The buyer left nbsp 15 Oct 2017 If the buyer doesn 39 t pay says it 39 s not as described or the package hasn 39 t arrived here 39 s what to do. If you believe that you have a strong case and you can provide proof then fight the case. It is a good idea to set up a PayPal account if you plan to be active on eBay. The gulf between those who do and do not have access to modern information and communications technology is described as the systems gap. eBay Money Back Guarantee covers purchases on eBay. Another common practice in buyer fraud is to file a false claims about the item listing. I nbsp Not all eBay transactions go smoothly. OrderIDType and AmountType . The company has ignored this and I ve But nothing to do with item not as described. Another tricky situation is when the buyer backs out from the sale If they email you promptly after the auction and let you know that this is the case then you should accept graciously and post neutral rather than Here briefly what dishonest buyers do 1 They buy your item 2 they FALSELY claim that it is 39 39 not as described 39 39 once they get the item 3 initial blackmail emails from the buyer then if the refund is refused they will force a return by opening a case with ebay 4 they will get their money back and also your item too for free First time they didn 39 t sell so eBay re listed and I had an offer from a buyer who after a few offers I finally accepted. If your item hasn 39 t arrived or isn 39 t as described contact the seller by opening a case in the Resolution Center. The buyer bought the wrong thing and instead of saying changed their mind they put as item not described to avoid return postage. I have since not had any contact from the seller. You are sure the item was as described. The protections apply whether you ship the item to a buyer in the US or internationally. For sellers with less than 400 listings in the previous three months eBay will review a year 39 s worth of transactions. Ebay 39 s FEEDBACK ON SELLERS is lacking or misleading. Re False quot not as described quot dispute escalated buyer states they returned the item If there is no tracking to show return then buyer should loose case. Buyer paid I sent out the next day done or so I thought. Oct 06 2014 xcxcxc Deservedly or not eBay and PayPal have long had reputations for being unfair to eBay sellers Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described from 45 days to 180 days. As a general comment I think selling electronics is extremely high risk for a seller as there are so many ways a buyer could claim not as described. In this case you should contact the seller via My eBay selecting item not as described so we can track the resolution and help if needed. Sep 17 2018 eBay to Implement Penalty Fee Policy October 1st by maxmad Tue Sep 18 06 39 21 2018 instead of protecting consumers in many cases from dangerous not as described products ebay decides it 39 s better to profit more from those nasty items and sellers. There are a variety of scenarios that meet this condition for instance You received a completely different item. These protections will be live in the U. quot Mobikwik wallet showing this coupon can be used on all items may be not on deals as per mobikwik they are stating quot pay with mobikwik wallet and get 15 off across ebay. Opened disputes go against my DSR which can eventually suspend my account customer gets free products and screws me with false negative feedback. There is no seller protection on ebay or paypal. The Act provides that wherever goods are bought they must conform to contract . It is still a nice enough coat but will need dry cleaning and men You described the item as quote from how item was described on eBay when in fact it was explain why it was not as described . Buy from a business seller using an auction or the buy it now button and Consumer Contracts Regulations also apply. Jul 17 2019 Counterfeit goods are not allowed on eBay. 67. sincerely hope that you can understand Time and again some buyers lie for either free goods or they didnt like the item and create a false claim using the not as described choice for free returns. If this happens to you then you should open an eBay dispute and say your item was not as described you might get a partial refund. eBay 39 s policy today 2016 is that if something isn 39 t as described the seller pays for return shipping regardless of any policy claims by the seller in his listing. au Primary Contact eBay PayPal issues NOTE Even if one attorney is resonsible for handling a certain client within a law firm it is in effect the entire firm that still represents that client as that firm is the law firm of record Aug 16 2010 A false negative is a test result that indicates a person does not have a disease or condition when the person actually does have it according to the National Institute of Health NIH . If a buyer falsely claims an item was not as described we ll reimburse your return shipping label cost up to 6 per return. As there has been a breach of contract and a misrepresentation I am entitled to a refund of the sum I paid to you. Aug 15 2016 The question is that will that stop buyers from false claiming the item not as described or even break the item to put a claim. quot and it s not acceptable for medicinal usage quot . 5 As a longtime seller and user of Paypal I have noticed a disturbing increase in buyer complaints and disputes. Hi I recently purchased a winter coat from eBay which was described as 39 worn once originally cost 99. Mar 08 2011 Customers just opened disputes and said the items were damaged or not as described. Ive had numerous buyers claim this for multiple items as not as described but it was I that took the picture produced proof of our item and E I had a false Significantly Not As Described SNAD Case opened on an item sold to a zero feedback buyer in the USA in mid July. The most common dispute for a nbsp 17 Oct 2019 In this video I show you another way to fight false item return claims that are Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. S. quot Second eBay will now allow these sellers to issue partial refunds for all items that are returned damaged. But those ridiculously high bids might be the result of bots created by fed up potential buyers. ShipFlip 3 057 views. You can not move it 48 hours Ebay Policy . Nov 19 2016 An ebay dispute is the way to go for Item Not As Described. in quot Apr 23 2019 False memory is more common that most people realize. Let the seller know how they can help resolve the problem. Then the same people scream bloody murder. How to Handle an eBay False Item Not As Described Return. Paypal is extremely sleazy and unreputable. Sometimes even when You couldn 39 t contact the buyer because the email address provided was wrong. Then he files a quot item not a described quot case. Otherwise not as described on arrival. eBay authorized the return and issued a return label. eBay will not assist with a transaction that occurred beyond its purview. You 39 re also responsible for any return shipping you promise to pay in your return nbsp 3 Aug 2012 Seller described it as quot a couple of scratches. General. Though it 39 s not going to be relevant to many sellers I 39 m watching the EU with particular interest as they 39 re talking about introducing a 2 year return guarantee for all consumers in the EU whereby the buyer We recommend that you refund the buyer as soon as you receive the return. Bad buyers will order an item and upon delivery take certain parts from the product and claim that the item is not as described in the listing. If someone was playing games with the V5 I 39 d happily tell them to Seller is responsible for return postage cost if item is not as described. I have tried looking around for an answer but I 39 m still not sure of a few things so I am asking for clarification. If a buyer makes a false claim please accept the Feb 05 2008 eBay has been making some changes lately that aren 39 t sitting well with eBay sellers. I received goods that are not as described for an eBay Educate yourself about the common eBay scams that we have listed here. No Returns does not mean No Refunds. Partner Gadens Lawyers Sydney Office eBay PayPal retained attorney John Dalzell jdalzell nsw. Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to consequences outlined in the Abusing eBay section of the User Agreement opens in new window or tab. When I received the item I found that it was not as described. Ive had numerous buyers claim this for multiple items as not as described but it was I that took the picture produced proof of our item and E A buyer falsely claiming an item was not as described A buyer returning an item other than the original item received A buyer using or damaging an item and then returning it For more information on consequences see the Abusing eBay section of the User Agreement. Because the item doesn 39 t match the listing consisting of the Title Photos plus Description. Currently a buyer can wait until the 30th day to claim 39 item not as described 39 . Don 39 t back down i know in some cases we are lead to beleive the buyer is always righ Apr 09 2019 This video is in response to a video from Chris at Daily Refinement put out regarding eBay 39 s new Not As Described Penalty. Ive had numerous buyers claim this for multiple items as not as described but it was I that took the picture produced proof of our item and E After some 16 years with no problems somebody opened quot significantly not as described and not matching the photos quot case. I doubt that cosmetic wear on a used item would qualify. On eBay we have a copy of the original listing so we can tell if the item was mispresented. In addition we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the buyer 39 s coverage under eBay Money Back Guarantee. Now we 39 ve nbsp 26 Sep 2018 When a buyer on eBay claims a false SNAD significantly not as described the seller is forced to accept the return before they can appeal. The guy who paid late filed a dispute with paypal claiming that the quot item is not as described quot . Reports about transactions outside of eBay or PayPal may not be investigated by law enforcement although your report will help the police to build intelligence and monitor fraud activity. com help selling managing returns refunds handle return request seller id 4115. The seller has the right to refuse your return or to pay for your return but he does not have the right to refuse to refund your payment. May 02 2016 Returns are part of selling on eBay whether sellers advertise that they accept them on a listing or not. Aug 22 2013 The buyer can 39 t circumvent your return policy with false claims that can be proven via ebay messages if you are persistent with calling to have someone at ebay read those messages. quot It was a first time experience for her so she politely refused. was purchased on eBay UK or eBay US and the item is not as described the seller is responsible nbsp Ebay 39 s MBG overides any quot Returns not Accepted quot statement . Item not as described However an eBay buyer is not allowed to Return an item different than the one purchased. Triggers for Buyer Returns. Now I 39 m out the money and eBay closed the return even though I called them and emailed the seller who never replied . Our brains do not work like computers or cameras and our memories are often composed of reconstructions based on similar information rather Not only that but Chinese sellers have practically taken over the platform. Got your info and already sent it to eBay. Including false inaccurate vague or misleading item location information may lead to confusion around delivery time and postage costs. The merchandise is identified as a counterfeit by an expert owner of intellectual property law enforcement agency or neutral bona fide expert . Fake Account holder spammer scammers can purchase the item and before the payment they can leave negative scam amp spamm feedback to your page. If you see an item that shouldn 39 t be listed on the site let us know so that we can investigate. Unless you bought on EBay. Just a few months ago she sold a 15 year old quality acoustic guitar described accurately for if I remember correctly 910 plus 75 shipping. Item descriptions must be in the primary language of the eBay site where the item is listed Activity that doesn 39 t follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example administratively ending or canceling listings hiding or demoting all listings from search results lowering seller rating buying or selling restrictions We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there 39 s a problem with a transaction. 10 26. May 01 2019 Keep in mind buyers can still lie about the reason for their returns. on October 1 2019. All it takes is for the buyer to state the item is not as described then sellers get defects galore charged more fees have their account status dropped below standard etc. Apr 04 2020 False Ebay Returns. 21 Sep 2015 eBay can help you if the item you order turns out to be faulty or not as described. Mar 23 2020 I have sent eBay the photos and made the point that the buyer had been caught providing false information and that they were protecting a fraudulent buyer. Seller seems to be fairly new to eBay but has 100 feedback but one of the quot feedback 39 s quot implies she 39 s done this before as it says quot item not as described but seller refunded item quot . For complete details see the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy . If you don 39 t agree with our decision after we 39 ve been asked to step in to help resolve an issue between you and a seller you can appeal by providing new information within 30 days of the case being closed. When you start and end your transaction on eBay Motors you automatically get the benefit of eBay 39 s Vehicle Protection Program . Once again the problem isn 39 t necessarily Palin 39 s background it 39 s the McCain campaign 39 s unfamiliarity with her background and its Get help from eBay. If the seller fights the dispute you will probably lose. One of the most common things that make buyers bristle is when they receive an item that doesn 39 t match the photos or the description nbsp 15 Nov 2019 Sellers can still appeal a case decision to attempt to reverse eBay 39 s conclusion. All a buyer has to do is claim quot Item not as Described quot and the seller has to supply a pre paid return nbsp Ive been using ebay for a very long time now both buying and selling. Have you been a victim of Ebay 39 s forced refunds This is another reason for our suit. How to Handle an eBay False Item Not As Described Aug 14 2019 That 39 s when eBay evaluates each seller. If you made the purchase on eBay start here instead. Like PayPal if a buyer files a chargeback with their bank eBay 39 s Money Back Guarantee will no longer pursue the claim. As a result items viewed may not be as described. Often they are said to be enchanted for luck or for fortune good or ill. Item Did Not Match Description Be Accurate but Brief. Then they always side with the buyer. Don t get me wrong the market is still far from saturated but I foresee Amazon turning into another EBay in a few years or so. ie is the Sale of Goods Act 1979 as amended . She had the item for 20 days and sent me messages through eBay saying she wore them they were earrings. For example if you 39 ve used the quot contact member quot system within eBay you may have a name or email address for the person or you may have exchanged emails. If you can 39 t work things out directly with the seller you can open a case at eBay 39 s Resolution Center. Mar 09 2009 I sold an item valued at approx 230 on ebay and it was shipped UPS Ground. eBay authorized the return and issued a retur Case Request for Return Item not as described Item arrived damage I received an item that was not as described i have since returned the item to t Cancel eBay winning bid because item has damages not described in the listing. Once a buyer has opened an item not as described case it could go either way. The seller has done nothing wrong and did not need to offer the partial refund. Ignore the seller s return policy. If a case is found in the sellers favor any feedback DSRs left will be quot promptly removed quot Nov 17 2019 If you 39 ve sold on ebay long enough you 39 ve had this happen. View solution in original post Aug 22 2016 Ensure eBay that the item you shipped was exactly as described functioning in exactly the way promised packaged well and delivered on time and that any problems that have arisen are thus likely to have been caused by the shipper in which case an insurance claim is in order or by the buyer in which case the culpability and liability alike Aug 18 2016 3 Item Not as Described. and that they broke while she was wearing them. If you paid with PayPal on an eligible eBay site you may have additional coverage under PayPal 39 s Buyer Protection Programme Item received not as described. If a seller takes your money but doesn t send you anything or if a buyer takes your item without paying this will also be a clear breach of contract. PayPal Help Center Article Now RTX 3080 GPUs are being listed on eBay with bids that exceed 10 000. See also Yes and no. false Aug 26 2014 I opened a case on ebay for not as described iphone sent it back with tracking and signature now the seller says the phone isnt in there will i ever get my money back i need help Item received was not as described. 30 days after reporting the item not received the request closes automatically if eBay isn 39 t involved. In fact there are many tell tale signs already which I Oct 15 2017 eBay s Money Back Guarantee doesn t cover buyer s remorse so whoever bought your item needs to abide by your stated returns policy unless the item isn t as described. 3 Sep 2019 If the item is returned because it 39 s faulty not as described or damaged in the post the seller has to pay return postage costs. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment. He instead sends me a YouTube video on how to do it myself. Tell me Paypal and EbayWHY ARE THEY RIGHT AND I quot M WRONG. Buyers who engage in activity as described in the Abusive buyer policy may be subject to a range of actions including warnings being blocked from requesting returns or refunds on eBay being blocked from opening claims loss of eBay Money Back Guarantee coverage and account suspension. If it is the seller will be in breach of contract. Reference Goods purchased through eBay on dd mm yy On date I bought a item on from you on eBay for xx . The cases include in their order of most common first fake sterling silver item listed as Native American and were not NA made knock off designer handbags in this case Dooney amp Bourke since we list those on our website . 5. Would you open a dispute about this or is there a more suitable way to go Appeal eBay 39 s decision about a return or missing item for buyers. First off this was for a non ebay transaction with payment made through paypal. The eBay Schema makes use of many simple schema types. Here is the way an ebay If you are a Top Rated Seller and a buyer falsely claims an item was not as described we ll protect you on eligible transactions. Or fraud. My Ebay Store https ebay. 99 he will escalate the dispute to a paypal claim. The more you know about what the scammers are doing the less likely you will fall prey to them. 39 When it arrived it had clearly been worn much more than that plus it had a loose button and a sticky mark down one sleeve. We go back and forth because I immediately assume it was a stolen watch and open up a case with eBay. Paypal seems to accept these complaints way too liberally while offering little protection to the sellers. It gets worse. Your right to change your mind within 14 days. Long story short ebay won 39 t listen to my side of the story paypal allows her to provide all the data Extended Buyer Protection with PayPal Credit applies to items purchased on eBay that are either not delivered or Significantly Not as Described and to items purchased outside of eBay that are not delivered. . Defective. Return an item in a condition that differs from how the item arrived. What we find is people love them and adore them until THEY have a problem. You can buy something on ebay return it as not a described then they send back a bag of sh t. If it arrives damaged subtract the appropriate amount from eBay 39 s Refund deduction guidelines table as well as subtract the return shipping cost and not include original shipping and report buyer for false not as described and item received as damaged https www. returns and are listed on eBay. I didn 39 t receive my item or it 39 s different than described Item was not described as locked so I message the seller asking him to unlock it. NOTE All buyers who constantly open false cases will be being watched by ebay and if they do it too often they will find themselves suspended indefinitely. Certain transactions and article types such as vehicles real estate business sales amp domains digital content industrial equipment or vouchers are not covered. 93 votes 14 comments. We know that our sellers want to provide buyers with a great experience but sometimes you 39 re not able to reach an agreement. Oct 11 2019 In this video I share a technique I used to fight against false item not as described IND returns on Ebay and avoid paying for return shipping. In fact as of this writing Chinese sellers outnumber US sellers on Amazon. It can be used for problem eBay items such as those not being 39 as described 39 or not received. Jun 24 2018 While it 39 s not an outright scam what you might find is that the car does turn up but simply doesn 39 t live up to the description it has been oversold in the tradition of used car dealers through the ages. below for details. Social Media Mastery Expert Video Course Use This Link https sowl. In most circumstances you can return it even if the seller 39 s returns policy says they don 39 t accept returns. And I hope yours will never look like this. A month later I received an email not from eBay but from PayPal to say nbsp 19 Apr 2017 be difficult. Jul 24 2019 First eBay will issue a seller invoice credit to cover return label cost if a buyer makes a false quot item not as described quot claim. Escalate the case to eBay Will you remove false quot item not as described quot requests from the service metrics rating now Yes we will remove negative or neutral feedback defects and impacts to your service metrics resulting from transactions involving an abusive buyer. uk ebay money back guarantee eBay cyber attack If the item you received arrived damaged doesn 39 t match the listing description or if it 39 s the wrong item you 39 re covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. If eBay becomes involved the review the case and if they find in favour of the buyer then eBay will refund the full cost and postage costs via PayPal which you have to pay eBay. Just Make them file a Claim. What I have noticed however is that since eBay is REQUIRING that sellers pay buyers 39 return shipping on returns that both returns and quot item not as described quot have skyrocketed. eBay explicitly said that there is NO WAY they can change the reason selected on a return. 5 ounce Germ X hand sanitizer bottles cost 500 CNBC reported. These scams are targeted against unsuspecting eBay sellers. ShipFlip 2 896 views. All you have to do is log in to your account and open a dispute to get the refund process started. He claims it wasn 39 t there and went further to say that he never authorized the Pay pal and Ebay need to not only protect their buyers but also their sellers. If tracking is not uploaded we may wait up to 35 business days before closing the return. A buyer falsely claims an item was not as described If the report qualifies We will subsidize the return shipping label cost up to 6. They will not receive the refund until you have received the item. Jul 12 2011 Paypal will always do this with not as described claims. com. eBay will also consider buyer and seller risk and performance data in determining whether to automate a refund. Millions of items are listed each day and while eBay takes active measures to protect buyers fake stuff still manages to make it through. Ocker on 17 08 2020 18 15 Seller has an appalling feedback rating on eBay and that should have been a warning signal to look elsewhere Oct 25 2019 The haunted eBay listings include many ordinary objects feathers coins pebbles pieces of wood. 31 Jan 2017 Damaged. Maybe you know Ebay has million fake accounts with a fake address and fake phone numbers it is very easy to create. the buyer have to pay for shipping It is unlawful to make false claims and buyers advantage to ceate false claims. was delivered to the wrong address by the mailing or courier company Did they make any requests that did not match the item description I would call eBay in this case and let them know that nothing is wrong with the item. Nothing major quot that was the total description. I just got a message through eBay last night with buyer asking for a refund as item was not as described the buyer said boots were too small that she 39 s a size 4 and May 30 2019 If a buyer files a dispute that an item is not as described and the seller has disclosed the flaw eBay will side with the seller. Why do people keep using them. If I relist the coat at eBay as Size LARGE when the belt won 39 t tie on a Size LARGE person I too would be committing a quot not as described quot problem. Your order arrives but it 39 s significantly different than it was described. How To Wholesale Real Estate In 2020 Step By Step Duration 9 58. You can read the particulars at eBay 39 s Ts amp Cs for eBay 39 s definition of Significantly Not As Described SNAD which will change as often as eBay feels like it. An auction is designed to move items along with any problems with that item. I responded to the dispute and gave tracking information which showed the package was delivered to the address he provided me and was left on his front porch. The only reason why the measles virus may not seem like it has spread as quickly during No don t worry that s not your eBay account. The measles virus is one example of a virus that is much more contagious than the 2019 nCoV. We always encourage our members to communicate with each other when there 39 s a problem with a transaction. 2. Nah having legal paperwork and ownership of the car is kinda assumed. eBay s Money Back Guarantee MBG allows buyers to return an item if it is not as described and also assists when an item is not received. If you bought it over eBay and it isn 39 t right it 39 s the seller 39 s problem not yours. PayPal Help Center Article Mar 07 2020 To report fraud to eBay you generally need to have the user name as well as a reference number or any other information about the specific listing where the fraud has occurred. If eBay agree the item wasn 39 t as described the seller refunds item cost original postage cost and seller has to pay return postage costs for the item if they want it sent back. The eBay story just gets added to the list. DISCLAIMER The following information is taken for Security and Exchange Filings written and prepared by PayPal Inc. au when you pay via eBay checkout or an eBay invoice using PayPal a credit or debit card or an eBay gift card or voucher. Aug 20 2017 I sent out proof of postage etc to the eBay dispute centre and staff ruled in my favour. While the program is primarily aimed at ensuring buyer satisfaction the program also provides a fair opportunity to the sellers to respond before the Mar 06 2020 Before EBay s announcement a 20 pack of Gerson 1730 face masks was available for as much as 148 while a pack of five 2. The new Category ID s will be returned in the CategoryID and Category2ID fields if secondary category is used of the Add Revise Relist call response. How to Handle amp NOT LOSE MONEY 1. This is the SEVENTH false not as described claim we have received in the past SEVEN DAYS Unbelievable. Activity that is not allowed includes but is not Jul 29 2005 I get it back and then the witch files a fraud complaint on paypal citing 39 Not as Described 39 . to 2JGavqQ Facebook Hi just a little food for thought for anyone wondering what they should do if a buyer claims an item is not as described or has arrived damaged you can prove otherwize you know they are telling porkies. A buyer insists the item was not as described in order to force a return. If you and the buyer haven 39 t been able to resolve the issue within 3 business days we 39 re always ready to step in and help. Items that are damaged incorrect defective or misrepresented can all be classed as significantly not as described SNAD . Buyer had put an extremely low offer on it on my buy it now or best offer listing. I had a buyer file a false claim with PayPal stating the item was not as described. They awarded her a full refund. Ebay continues to promote this behavior. She then told Paypal the post was missing when she got them. To be honest the problem is not with the buyers the problem is It 39 s prohibited for sale on eBay This isn 39 t an exhaustive list you 39 ll find all the rules about what 39 s allowed on the site in our listing policies. Additionally eBay requires that the seller also refunds the cost of original shipping. It has a damaged LCD screen and will not hold a nbsp 18 Aug 2016 Buyer fraud is a term used to describe the unethical actions of consumers have customer service features that can help sellers combat false claims. Further various other complexTypes and simpleTypes are based on these simple schema types e. It might come as a surprise but many eBay scams are not targeted at innocent buyers looking for a good deal. co. They will contact you asap with all necessary information about this transaction terms buyer protection payment instructions invoice etc. And within the past 6 months or so ive had 4 quot not as described quot I explained that the phone was not for Sprint but US Cellular and that I wasn 39 t going to give a refund. middot The buyer requests nbsp Of course they will win a paypal dispute by simply claiming quot the item was not as described quot . Feb 02 2020 Not even close. Some types of items are excluded vehicles real estate websites and businesses for sale services tickets digital goods and intangibles. Ebay has not any security filter to stop fake accounts. Basically she has changed her mind and wants me to pay for the returning postage filling an item not as described case. When a buyer purchases an item they expect it to be dispatched from the item location included in the listing. The eBay Money Back Guarantee protects you in the case that you don 39 t receive your item or if the item isn 39 t as it was described in the listing. Seller provided labels If you provide non eBay return labels and upload tracking we may close the return if we don 39 t see tracking scans or signals from the buyer showing the item was shipped within 15 business days of when the label was provided. g. Ebay makes it difficult for buyers to provide feedback about sellers. Jun 19 2012 If the buyer is not satisfied it is Significantly Not As Described. If you received an item much later than promised and now cannot use it any more e. Another false Not as described defect on my service metric. Jan 13 2019 Ebay told the Observer that as the buyer had declared the part not as described he was due a refund. Work it out in our Resolution Centre. A good description and a couple of good quality photos are your best protection against chargeback 39 s for item not as described. concert tickets arrived after the concert we consider this as 39 not as described 39 . Ebay nbsp This is a low value item less than 20 but I 39 m really annoyed they 39 re making false claims about wrong colour wrong shape etc. If they opened up an ebay case and put Item not as described or Doesn 39 t nbsp 18 Mar 2020 There 39 s also the eBay Money Back Guarantee which it promises will refund purchases that are not as described and where the seller has not nbsp They are likely to agree you did nothing wrong but there is a specific way you are supposed to proceed with false Significantly Not as Described SNAD Cases. 23 Mar 2020 A buyer can dispute a transaction for many reasons not as described item never arrived wrong item etc. Solved Hi everybody Just checking before wasting my time trying to win the case With eBay mostly siding with buyers do I have any chance of. Mar 19 2015 The purpose of an eBay item description is not only to sell the item but also to sell yourself as a seller. The terms of sale were misrepresented by merchant. Getting scammed as an eBay seller. By Effective date April 29 2019. With more than 5 million cars sold to date eBay Motors offers protections you won 39 t find anywhere else online such as Vehicle Purchase Protection not exceeding 100 000 for items purchased on or after September 1 2016 and for items purchased prior to September 1 Buyers paying via PayPal for items bought on eBay are also protected by eBay 39 s Money Back Guarantee policy. You described the item as quote from how item was described on eBay when in fact it was explain why it was not as described . e g if the item was broken badly in the post the seller may not want it back Apr 25 2019 How to Handle an eBay False Item Not As Described Return Duration 10 26. 3. However if the item 39 s tracking information shows confirmed delivery 2 business days have elapsed and the refund has not yet been issued to the buyer eBay may automatically issue a refund on your behalf. How to Handle an eBay False Item Not As Described Return Duration Jun 29 2018 How eBay Penalizes Sellers Unfairly with New Retur by Carol Is Here Fri Jun 29 15 22 53 2018 Something to be aware of If there is a problem with a Global Shipping order such as damage after it leaves Erlanger which Ebay will cover the buyer needs to file a Not As Described that goes on the seller record. eBay Money Back Guarantee protects you in case you do not receive your item or if the item is not as described in the listing. As long as the seller discloses the flaw in both text and writing and makes it obvious in the listing eBay will side with the seller. Ive had numerous buyers claim this for multiple items as not as described but it was I that took the picture produced proof of our item and E 500pcs X False Nail Art Tips The other accessories are not be included Note Dear buyer Due to lighting effect monitor 39 s brightness manual measurement and etc there could be some slight differences in the color and size between the photo and the actual item. . What to do. Help for sellers and buyers In order to be protected by eBay Money Back Guarantee certain payment methods must be used and all eligibility requirements and deadlines must be met. Claim that an item is not as described in order to sidestep the seller s return policy. If you 39 ve already attempted to contact the member but were unable to resolve the problem you can open a case. eBay is an extremely crowded marketplace which means buyers may look at tens or hundreds of listings before they get to yours. It 39 s also worth noting that under eBay 39 s Money Back Guarantee buyers are eligible for a refund if the item 39 s not as described ie if it doesn 39 t match the seller 39 s description of it. False Electronic business e business includes e commerce and e procurement. eBay money back guarantee I think. gadens. He asked for his money back as defective amp not as described said battery didn t last over 4 hours LG G 4 screen sticking. Keep in mind that eBay s Money Back Guarantee grants buyers no hassle refunds for items not as described or not received for up to 30 days after Jun 21 2008 I recently sold an item for 160 on Ebay. Similar to item not received returns the buyer has up to 30 days to request a return and the seller has three business days to offer a solution whether it be a refund or replacement. PayPal a part of eBay recently added unlimited coverage for loss for things paid via PayPal. co ZyYv7 2. A seller can send a brand new in the package item and a buyer can use it make no complaint of any sort decide they don 39 t like it damage it and open a case. Dec 24 2018 If the dispute is based on INAD item not as described the seller will always pay return shipping and the restocking fee does not apply. As time moves on eBay increases buyer protection. The programme is designed to protect purchases that are usually sent by post over 99 of listings on eBay. I had been using the phone right up until I sent it amp it was perfect. In addition we reserve the right to indefinitely suspend the buyer 39 s coverage For example something second hand should not be described as new. We 39 ve gotten very few returns over the years but since this was implemented we have seen an uptick. will ebay buyer protection create claims out of irresponsibility should ebay buyers pay for shipping one way for. The buyer told me that there are scratches all over the item which is a lie and that if i don 39 t send him a partial refund of 36. The seller received it and wanted to return it based on quot item not as described. The merchandise quality is not as described. The following information is all public record public record buried deep where the general public would not find it S 1 Filings 10K 405 Filings 8K Filings 10 Q Filings 424 B1 Filings etc. When the auction ended she asked me to. Apr 20 2011 We ve had countless readers contact us about items they purchased on eBay that were not as described. If you pass a value of false eBay will not do any mapping and the call may fail if specified Category ID s are no longer valid IDs for a eBay leaf category. items not as described due to claims are either true or false it is to buyers advantage to ceate false claims should. Aug 14 2016 If eBay has to get involved in a dispute such as this the seller s fees will not be credited. That evaluation is based on the number of return requests for item not received or item not as described. Many of the scams take advantage of sellers not knowing all the rules for safe trading Feb 01 2018 It covers you if a buyer claims an item is not received but not if it s not as described which can be a handy loophole for fraudsters. Jun 13 2012 I talked with them for over 3 hours and informed and asked them HOW THE HELL CAN THEY SAY THE ITEM IS NOT AS DESCRIBED if he did not get the item and ebay keeps saying because he got empty boxs. The policy promises to If you can t resolve the problem use the steps described here. But now I have received a chargeback from PayPal for the full amount eBay 39 s system is definitely skewed in favour of the buyer though particularly when it comes to false claims for not as described. Went under the defective for eBay I was not happy amp the more we messaged the more he kept comparing to his lg G3. Item received was not as described. A buyer falsely claiming an item was not as described A buyer returning an item other than the original item received A buyer using or damaging an item and then returning it. She 39 s also said she 39 s ready to post my junk back exact words. Oct 16 2019 EBay found in my favour refunded me and on discovering the buyer had made previous claims of fake goods closed her account. The buyer messaged me that it arrived in UK and they are about to pick it up and asked how m Jun 19 2018 Pitfall one eBay 39 s buyer protection scheme T he quot Money Back Guarantee quot scheme which launched in 2013 is one of the most complained about issues found in our postbag. Thanks Jul 02 2014 Buyers are protected under eBay s Money Back Guarantee if the item received is not as described or if you did not receive it. I told them I did not sell the man boxs so there for if what he says is true he did not get the items. even if they clearly put the wrong one. to be not as described the item must be SIGNIFICANTLY not as described. 1. How to get your cash back if it goes wrong Image Getty . Oct 18 2011 Buyer filed quot Item not as described quot claim after first filing an item not received. Business sellers do not have the right to appeal against a decision under eBay rules which Jan 25 2008 I rang recently to challenge an item not as described case. 00 per return for any false claim filed by a buyer that an item was not as described May 13 2014 With eBay 39 s Money Back Guarantee there is a serious loophole in the system which puts sellers at great disadvantage. It is often referred to as buyer 39 s remorse. May 28 2010 If the vehicle is not like described you will have to ship it back at the end of the 5 business days on my expense and have your money back from eBay. The button or feedback links are hard to find. Sep 26 2018 eBay stated that the peer assessment takes into account that sellers will be subject to some false claims however why not just remove the false claims from the metrics and adjust the peer Dec 19 2009 So the lesson here is folks if you buy something and you don 39 t feel like paying for it say the item is 39 not as described 39 harass the seller into submission if that doesn 39 t work eBay will either force the seller to refund it or Ebay will give you your money back Jul 15 2018 How to Handle an eBay False Item Not As Described Return Duration 10 26. Sep 06 2008 That 39 s false. Again Paypal will place a hold on your funds and you will have to resolve this between yourself and the buyer. I sold a trilogy ring. The review period varies depending on the volume of sales. false not as described ebay