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Cooper at3 vs ko2

cooper at3 vs ko2 While a bit stiffer ride they handle May 14 2019 Professional vs at home lift install 2A4R 39 s Off Roading Minivan Build Nfab Rock Rail. 5 9 quot . Just a great all around tire. I used to ve a bfg guy but now im a cooper guy haha Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR 15 AK 47 Handguns and more Buy Sell and Trade your Firearms and Gear. In 2018 experts of the another South African magazine SA4x4 made an alternate test of General Grabber A T3 at the same size 265 65 R17 and compared with sixteen similar All Terrain tires. Discussion in All Terrain T A KO2 Mar 18 2015 Re Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 vs. The Discoverer AT3 LT comes with an impressive 60 000 mile limited treadwear warranty on LT metric sizes. Cooper Discover AT3 vs BFG AT KO2 By Steve1199 November 21 2015 in 2014 2018 Silverado amp Sierra Mods. Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sport 265 65 R18 114T BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 265 60 R18 119 116S . Looking for real world input from anyone that has either specifically on snow ice wet. 26 Jan 2020 KO2 AT34S ATT Testing session for slightly moist cold foggy weather with close to zero temperatures. Sep 07 2018 Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S On Off Road All Terrain 265 70R17 115T What We Liked The soft ride absorbs small imperfections well good winter traction. My Cooper AT3 s have about 1 more summer left on them before I ll be looking to replace them. Big Fin In response to your YouTube video questioning what tires you should put on the new Nissan Titan my vote is for BF Goodrich All Terrrain T A KO2 39 s. AT3 ST MAXX KO2 and a few Nitto tires. I think it is a fair deduction then that the KO2 is the tougher 4 x 4 tire. The aggressive AT tires already have more noise especially when worn down like my AT2 39 s or KO2 39 s that is what Aug 13 2018 To get a better understanding of the AT3 XLTs we spoke with Cooper s Director of Brand Management Jessica Egerton. Reanimator AT 3 nbsp Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S 99 Select Size. Great all around tire. 9 328K Toyo Open Country A T II 88 Select Size Price Varies By Size Select your size to see Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT Price. They are quieter than the tires I took off. Any opinions or am I missing out on an even nbsp Hello I am torn between getting KO2 39 s or AT3 39 s in 265 70 R17. The only thing he said that I wasn 39 t sure about was that the AT3 XLT only has a 3 ply sidewall vs the Maxx which has a 10 ply sidewall. Its toughness durability and traction in mud and snow are unmatched. LT tires are typically going to be louder than P rated version of the same tire because the side walls get more agressive below is an example from Toyos website for the AT 2. I will likely get the AT3 39 s again since the ST MAXX is 60 more I know that consumer reports has the Cooper AT3 rated number 1 on their website for AT tires and the cooper has a 55 000 mile warranty vs. I finally settled for what I think is the safe choice in the KO2. 4 quot mounts on a 17 quot rim and has 633 revolutions per mile. anyone have opinions or experience with nbsp 27 Aug 2019 I 39 ve ran the Cooper AT3s and wasn 39 t too impressed with snow performance or wear. I have a 4x4 crewmax with stock suspension. Good Nov 02 2018 The bar has been lifted A few months ago we got our hands on some pre release sets of the new Cooper Tires AT3 LTs while travelling around Australia for the upcoming TV Series of Pat Callinan s 4 4 Adventures. Jump to Latest Follow 1 11 of 11 Posts. Price Varies By Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT 98 Select Size. It weighs 56 lbs has a max load of 3195 2910 lbs a maximum air pressure of 80 psi a tread depth of 17 32 quot and should be used on a rim width of 7. cr500taco. I 39 ve since moved away from the KO2 39 s and am looking at the AT51 39 s and AT3 4S. So 3 weeks ago I switched to the KO2 and my last two tanks averaged out to 19mpg running the same commute it also feels like when you let off the gas it coast a lot further. The Cooper AT3 is a really good tire if your off road is limited. In 2018 experts of the another South African magazine SA4x4 made an alternate test of the BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 at the same size 265 65 R17 and compared with sixteen similar tires. However if the Toyo 39 s had been avil at the time I would have went with the AT2. They will also last much longer. Jump to Latest Follow 1 8 of 8 Posts. The Coopers are load range C and the KO2 were E. 9 6. 5 MILLION GM Truck Enthusiasts every month who use GM Trucks. The BF Goodrich KO2 s would be an even better look for aggressiveness. Now if I can just get some of these for my WRX Cooper ST Maxx VS BFG AT KO2. Buy a set of BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 Tires now The Cooper AT3 delivers a balance of off road toughness with excellent nbsp The KO2 has a less aggressive shoulder design than the ST MAXX. No clue why people dont care for them I 39 ve probably had 7 sets over the years. is in the midst of an aggressive refresh of its tire lineup. Jan 25 2019 Thanks for the review. They have a more aggressive sidewall. Cooper A T3 nbsp 8 May 2017 Cooper AT3 vs BFG KO2. Aliku Hastal n rendi 4N1K Yeni Ba lang lar 3. All stock size. I also like the weight rating on both. Oct 01 2016 So all summer I have averaged 17mpg on my work commute running the cooper AT3. 3 7. BFG KO2 vs Cooper AT3 Generation 2 Pajero. The ATP is louder and doesn 39 t have tread siping or good sidewall armor. Guess I am trying to justify spending an extra 350 for a slightly larger tire and weather or not to pass on the 55k mile warranty for a little more aggressive tread. Stock Bridgestone Vs Cooper AT3 4S. Reply to this topic Start new topic Recommended Posts. I have 45k on 285 70 17 39 s f150 and they have been getting really loud over the past 10k miles. Jan 5 2020 at 9 52 AM 10 Sep 19 2018 I called Cooper to ask the difference between the tires but the person on the phone appeared to be reading from a sheet and really didn 39 t have much info. BFGoodrich KO2 nbsp 15 2012 4 Cooper Discoverer AT3 Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 nbsp . I have the Cooper AT3 39 s and am very pleased with their performance on and nbsp BF Goodrich KO2 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 and Cooper Discoverer to the AT3 which is a better version but I decided to go with the KO2. 12 Jan 2020 BF Goodrich T A KO2 371 70 What are your thoughts on KO2 39 s all day and twice on Sunday 39 s. B. com as a daily part of their nbsp Whether it 39 s brand model of tire or just that it 39 s a new tire vs old hardened who 39 s to say. I love the side biters it really protects the sidewalls vs the original Ko s 2. May 29 2018 Cooper Tire is launching an all new Discoverer AT3 line of tires for SUVs light duty pick ups and medium to heavy duty trucks. It does nbsp 10 Jan 2020 Our top 5 best all terrain tires for your truck or SUV have the right balance of Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire for pick up trucks and SUVs The redesigned BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 took the legendary All Terrain T A KO nbsp Cooper discoverer at3 xlt and lt are the new ones I love the looks of the and bfg ko2 in 265 70 r17. Jan 10 2020 Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT and XLT Cooper s venerable AT3 is another go anywhere tire backed with a 60 000 mile treadwear warranty as are two of the new additions to the lineup the LT and XLT. Post Reply. Having said that any LT spec tyre is better for rocks and potential damage than an SUV spec tyre. I 39 m thinking of going to a 265 70R18 or 275 70R18. For all you put your truck through Cooper Tire put our all into the Discoverer AT3 LT tires. Cooper Discoverer S T MAXX Cooper Tire amp Rubber . Kmbush Registered. It has great traction on all surfaces except rain on mud where it does slips left right but most AT tires do that. EDIT Bought and RETURNED Cooper AT3 285 65 18 39 s today Reviews on the Firestone is good just that they wear a bit fast. Don 39 t have an opinion yet but there is some vibration around 70mph. Asphalt wear is also much improved with a 15 gain. Cooper AT3 4S Cooper AT3 LT BFG KO2 Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus I 39 m leaning heavily to the AT3 4S or Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus because they appear to be better suited to my needs which are mainly bitumen city highway and the odd bit of weekend beach unsealed road driving. My only concerns going with the KO2 39 s are adding so much weight per tire and any rubbing that may come from the tire. If you are driving an SUV or light truck Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs Cooper AT3 can be two good options to go. 2 2020 BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2. I had the BFG KO2 in 35x12. What We 39 d Improve Some excessive motion after impacts feels unrefined and the steering could be a little more responsive. MSPN 42353 LT267 75R16 123 120R MSPN 72596 LT285 75R16 126 123R MSPN 89442 LT285 70R17 121 118R MSPN 23104 LT275 70R18 125 122R MSPN 16152 LT275 65R20 126 123R MSPN 88846 LT285 65R20 127 124R Note These same sizes are also available with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating but without the 50 000 However if I were in the market for that type of tire today I would be seriously considering the Cooper ATP or AT3. Cooper AT3 vs BFG KO2 Hello long time lurker here. I 39 ve had both on previous trucks and very much prefer the Cooper 39 s to the BFG 39 s. Re BF Goodrich Ko2 VS Cooper discoverer at3 7 21 2020 14 35 39 AT3 ko2 I know that consumer reports has the Cooper AT3 rated number 1 on their website for AT tires and the cooper has a 55 000 mile warranty vs. 0 quot 1 050 after rebate and install NRG 285 70 18 33. 13 Jun 2019 Cooper AT3 4S vs Falken AT3W for All Weather Tire tires already have more noise especially when worn down like my AT2 39 s or KO2 39 s that is nbsp I average 60K per set or so before swapping out for new ones. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All Season LT285 65R20 127S Tire is designed for lifted leveled and extra large pickups for extreme hauling and aggressive off roading with a side wall design that makes this the industry 39 s best looking AT tire. Anyone who argues one over the other is receiving better kickbacks for that particular brand. I really like the look and it has performed well so far. The ATP 39 s I run are Tire Details 121 118S Load Range E LT265 70 R17 BF A T KO2 A T KO Cooper AT3 265 70 16 Lenso Max1 So far the AT3 39 s are super very quiet but very capable during a couple hours at Uwharrie in the wet aired down to 18psi. The main difference with the AT3 is a slightly more aggressive shoulder. got almost 70K miles out of them and only swapped them out due to one tire being out of alignment and wearing a little too much on the inside. 2018 JGC Trailhawk The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All Season LT315 70R17 121S Tire is designed for lifted leveled and extra large pickups for extreme hauling and aggressive off roading with a side wall design that makes this the industry 39 s best looking AT tire. Hey all I had another thread where I was asking about KO2 performance in snow and got a lot of good feedback from everyone. Hi All Im busy researching options to replace the original Duelers on my Fortuner and i want something tougher nbsp 17 Feb 2020 I would say the Cooper AT3 would also be a fine choice for a street oriented Jeep . The Discoverer AT3 XLT with Durable Tread Technology haul heavy loads with less wear and are built to withstand ongoing assault from dirt and gravel. They look great and are quieter than the KO2 on the road. My first video with commentary Was just a practice video for adding commentary I thought the results would be way more polarizing. My first set of Coopers were AT3 I think there is a Heavy Duty and a Light Duty can t remember but I probably had the Heavy Duty. It seems though from our overall impression that the AT3 4S is rubbing shoulders with the winter dedicated tires quite nicely and has better self cleaning and spin traction. 0 8. They are made by Cooper and branded as Cepek. As far as sand performance goes I haven 39 t done any real duneing but a few weeks ago we sand camped at Coos bay OR and I was the only one in my group to not have to air down. I like these two tires tread design. I have a set of Nitto Terra Grappler G2 39 s right now because I got a great deal on them and I really like those but with about a year to decide I 39 m sure all my decisions will change. Cooper AT3 4S vs Falken AT3W for All Weather Tire. Photo by Kelly Bracken. 2019 Fraglich ob Du einen recht agressiven AT Reifen ala BFG haben willst oder wenn die Optik des GG AT3 okay ist nicht auch ein Cooper Discovery nbsp Amazon. 5k. 9 Aug 2013 Discoverer AT3 tires in 26570R16 SUV application I just had installed. 27 2017 BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2. So they didn t. These all season tires grip the surface rocky or smooth rain or shine. Sizes built fit for purpose and to handle work and play guranteed to last up to 80 000kms . 4 9. Jan 15 2019. General Grabber AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 Wet Traction In wet situations the Cooper Discoverer A T3 beats easily the General Grabber AT2. 02 I 39 d listen to KRT on this subject though So take action and get yourself some tougher specially formulated rubber BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 Tires. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S tires are a great all terrain option for the stock overland vehicle. Feb 05 2019 I had originally put Nitto Terra Grappler g2 39 s in p275 65r20 and while they were ok the handling and feel was not my favorite. KO2 39 s nbsp 9 Sep 2015 I 39 ve narrowed it down to The new BFG all terrain KO2 or the cooper discoverer Running the AT3 in P265 70r17 on my daily driver. BF Goodrich All Terrain T A KO2 Tires BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 has a 20 percent tougher sidewall and features race proven CoreGard Technology to take on the toughest road hazards with confidence. All in all my test is inc Id say bfg ko2 39 s are a bit quieter than the cooper st maxx id imagine the at3 would be quieter. Discounttire. Looking for a new AT tire and have it narrowed down to nbsp 10 Jan 2020 You will quickly see whether it is an 80 20 or 50 50 on off road tyre. The Cepek Trail Country EXP is basically a Cooper AT3 XLT with a slightly different tread pattern. 780 after having them mounted locally. These KO2 39 s carry the quot DT quot designation. Sliding against the rocks only added a few scratches and gouges to the wheels the tires were none the wiser. Ordered a set of KO2s to replace my AT3s and figured I 39 d post some pics for comparison purposes. For more off road driving with the Coopers I 39 d go AT3 XLT gt ATP gt AT3 4S I still chose the Wildpeak A T3W over any of the Coopers. I 39 ve been running AT3s while they are good on dry snow I have decided that half worn AT3s are horrible on ice. Related Products Ko2 Gravel Roads Bfgoodrich All Terrain T a Ko2 On Off Road All Terrain Ratings Charts Dynapro AT2 91 Select Size Price Varies By Size Select your size to see pricing 7. Available in larger sizes. Jan 29 2019 Anyone tired the Cooper at3 xlt I am looking at it in 285 75r17 for my jlu sport with rubi suspension. I am looking for opinions on the cooper AT3 vs the Toyo open country AT2. The AT3 skunked the KO1 in an AT showdown and since BFG only claims 10 20 improvement with the new compound I expect the AT3 to be the better tire. The new Cooper Discoverer A T3 Sport an all terrain 4x4 tyre is the latest premium product launched by Cooper Tire Europe. Actually had the Falken Wildpeaks in my cart on Amazon. May 14 2015 Cooper equipped 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes with Discoverer AT Ws and Firestone Winterforce UV tires which was the same set up as was used for winter testing earlier this year in Montreal. BFG KO2 vs Cooper AT3. 50x15 to my full size 91 Blazer K5 on the 15x8 stock aluminum alloy wheels. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT the dark horse on a hot streak. Don 39 t have time to go back today to address it. See full list on broadmag. Dec 13 2018 I went with the Cooper ST Maxx for that reason. 275 BFG KO2 or 285 Cooper AT3. Not KO2 39 s but close enough for me not to get KO2 39 s. Jul 30 2020 Wrangler DuraTrac VS BFG KO2 VS There are two different types of BF Goodrich T A KO2 tires to choose from one with the DT branding and one without. I tow a 5000lb camper so not maxing either out. Last place in Tarmac braking. traction in the winter was amazing stuck to Jan 19 2016 The Jeep with BFGoodrich s KO2 tires proved to be the same. Try the Cooper AT3 XLT tires. KO2 39 s are a little pricey so I may go with the Cooper AT3 XLT in the 265 or 275 or maybe the Cooper AT3 4S in the 265. I may even stay stock and use the Cooper AT3 4S. My JKU will get used mostly on road of course so I 39 m looking for an A T or quot hybrid quot I have the Cooper ATP 265 70 17 on our work Canyon and they are good tires but I 39 d take the Wildpeak A T3W over them for all types of driving. B l m. 65lbs against 63 stock. An all terrain tire should be able to deliver good results regardless of the surface. 5 Component Speakers 18650 Battery Best ATV Winch 15 Inch Subwoofer Best Component Speakers 6 BFG KO2 or the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S I have a set of Method 502 17 quot x8 quot 38mm wheel coming. 4 New Cooper Discoverer At3 Xlt Lt305x65r18 Tires 3056518 305 65 18 Fits 305 65R18 4 New Bfgoodrich All terrain T a Ko2 Lt305x65r18 Tires 3056518 305 65 18 3 2019 BFGoodrich COOPER DISCOVERER AT3. AT3 with about 24k on the left. I 39 m thinking about the GO15 in 225 65 17 size. The split and bruise resistant sidewall rubber is derived from BFGoodrich 39 s race proven Baja T A KR2 tire. Particularly impressive is that both of the light truck tires come with that 60 000 mile warranty. Discussion Starter I have looked through a bunch of threads about tires here. No Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Tire is designed with Durable Tread Techonology which allows it to haul heavy loads with less wear and is built to withstand ongoing exposure to dirt and gravel Rugged traction shoulders provide increased off road traction for boulder crawling and mud handling as well as additional resistance to abrasion and punctures KO2 275 70 18 33. When you wheel what kind of stuff are you wheeling on Sharp rocks mud Anyways I have had the AT3s and nbsp 30 Jul 2020 If you are not sure which off road tires to buy our comparison will help you. I am finishing my second set of BFG KO2 in LT load D . Turbo 6 on Today. g r n mler 17 B. They tread pattern is a new design this last year and apparently consumers rated them number 1 for an AT tire. Cooper Tire amp Rubber Co. They come in 275 70 R18 load range E. After an obsessive research I narrowed it down to either Falken Wildpeak AT3 W or General Grabber ATX. Just my . Terrain tested was Dirt Grass Mud nbsp 15 Jan 2019 BFGoodrich KO2 versus Cooper AT3 4S. com Jul 22 2020 Cooper ATW vs AT3 Tire Comparison of 2020. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next gt Aug 20 2015 at 8 47 AM 1 1. Whatever compound material used to make these tires are in my opinion a down grade from the originals the life on these weren t even close to the Ko s 2. So my Pajero now wears Exceed sized 16x8 Dynamic steelies wrapped in Cooper Discoverer AT3 265 75 LT rubber hier wordt hard aan gewerkt elke dag nieuwe maten beschikbaar De Cooper Discoverer AT3 de moderne AT All Terrain is ontwikkeld voor uitstekende prestaties bij zowel on road als off road rijden. Oct 16 2015 The KO2 is a 50 50 on off road tire versus the AT3 39 s 70 30 preference. That pretty much disqualifies the BFG KO and KO2 General Grabber AT2 etc. We could lug around slowly without breaking traction spinning too frequently. Less sipes means less tread squirm more stable tread blocks . Perhaps no other current line of tires more completely addresses the growing all terrain tire audience. 11 Oct 2015 Daily driver tow vehicle and hunting vehicle. The KO2 was a great performer on the trail and shows a marked improvement over the KO in off road conditions. K. Cooper AT3 XLT LT325 65R18 127 E Weight 68 Tread Depth 16. Price Varies By BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 96 Select Size We love solving problems and lending a hand or an ear . Tire manufacturers have produced tires for use in all terrain for which tire manufacturers around the world are competing to create tires that are able to deal with all obstacles with technology and innovation that has May 25 2017 BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 Photo 5 16 All Terrain Tire Buyers Guide Cooper Discoverer At3 Cooper Discoverer A T3 Cooper s got you covered with the Discoverer A T3. 2nd place in Gravel braking. I now have Cooper AT3 on my truck. The AT3 is more geared to quot weekend quot off roaders and gravel road users whilst providing comfort and low noise on road. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT Features The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT lays down all season traction aggressive off road The Discoverer AT3 XLT with Durable Tread Technology hauls heavy loads with less wear and are built to withstand ongoing assault from dirt and gravel. Quiet handle great and no pull to the left or right. . My trucks factory tires have about had it. Jul 04 2018 Alvin If you are wanting a more aggressive looking tire I d recommend the new Discoverer AT3 LT from Cooper Tires. Of course with the 7. While retailers can set their own prices the Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT starts at toughly 144 per tire. BFG A T quot quot 50 . Here is the main facts about Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs BFG KO2 nbsp 10 Aug 2018 It includes Cooper 39 s Adaptive Traction technology which means the tire provides grip on various driving surfaces and in hot or cold weather. These are the two tires I have it narrowed down to. Aug 10 2018 Cooper 39 s Discoverer AT3 4S proved to be a capable on and off road tire that 39 s designed for utility vehicles and pickup trucks. I was also considering the Cooper at3 xlt and Falken wildpeak at3w but both are practically the same price for a heavier tire that hasn 39 t been in the game for as long. 129 138 views129K views. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT 39 s were installed last week to replace slick Firestone Destination AT with 23k miles. The coopers ride a little softer and are not as heavy. com Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All Season LT285 75R16 126 123R Tire BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 Radial Tire 285 75R16 126R nbsp The Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S tires are a great all terrain option for the stock If you require or prefer a more aggressive all terrain the BFGoodrich KO2 tire nbsp Its better than the BFG KO2 in many respects. Good traction in rain a tire with good channels for evacuation of water. Aug 11 2019 I 39 ve run different sizes of KO2 and they were good too. . This Discoverer AT3 is Cooper 39 s long wearing hard charging flagship all terrain tire built for those looking to get more from their truck SUV or CUV when it matters most. 8 8. The ATWs have smaller tread blocks wider spacing and about twice as much siping. I will fit new rubber on my 17 quot rims in time for a trip to Ahrnem Land next year but I do not want to suffer the horrible tyre noise I have right now with Micky Thomson STZ. at 2019 . Read lots of good things about the new GO15. Designed to prevent shredding on rocky and gravel terrain Extreme durability for hauling Rugged biting edges on the shoulder of the tire for extra grip and resistance to punctures Cooper Discoverer AT3 or Michelin Defenders. If its just nbsp KO2 39 s that go off road OEM Load Range C or 35x12. During that time we travelled over every single type of surface you could ever travel and The Cooper Discoverer AT3 will be sightly quieter than the BFG KO2 because the tread blocks are tighter but how much quieter is tough to say because there are so many variables. They have several models with 50k mile warranty. 2 8. . Words by Grant Spolander. 2 quot x 11. The Coopers seemed to have a lot of good reviews on 3 4 ton trucks with diesels. KO2 39 s are on the expensive side but well liked Another fantastic tire if it 39 s available to you is the Falken AT3W and it 39 s usually at a great price. 5 17 which are E have a pretty soft However the grip was 2x compared to the Cooper that I replaced them with. I also really like what I 39 ve seen of the BFG AT KO2 although I 39 ve only ever owned the previous version of them AT KO . I was originally going to go with the BFG KO2s due to them only being 57lbs and being the tried and true AT tire at around 300 per tire. I have been very impressed with how the Coopers I put on our Edge have performed. Tires are the same size 265 70 17 and same load range. Running a KO2 now better highway performance but not as good in the snow. Play Harder with the new generation AT3 all terrain engineered with the durability of Coopers latest generation tread carcass and compound technology. I have a set of AT3 XLT on one truck and a set of the AT3 4S on my other truck both excellent tires probably the best all around tire I 39 ve ever owned. The materials of Cooper AT3 use a combination of compounding design and technology that is balanced and that this balance delivers a tire that performs well in almost all terrain types. Cooper s range of Discoverer AT3 all terrain tires is a comprehensive answer to the diverse requirements of the 4x4 truck and SUV community. Discussion in 39 Wheels amp Tires 39 started by Mountaineer 4x4 Aug 20 2015. The Cooper 39 s got 8 9 10 for noise except for one reviewer who gave them a 3. Mar 21 2019 Cooper 39 s new Discoverer AT3 XLT squares up against BFGoodrich s K02s as an aggressive all terrain tire with an even higher tread life rating and comfort oriented engineering. I have a 2. My Maxx sure is. I ran the Cooper AT3 39 s on my 08 39 ram and I loved them. Cooper AT3 Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs BFG All Terrain is your previous reference to read and to make your knowledge is added. Not great in anything but didn t offend. The Method 39 s are 1lb lighter each than the stock 18 quot wheel. Never had the coopers but I would not trade my ko2 39 s for anything. 20. The 33 inch A T3 tires look amazing on the alloys and are the best SUV tires I 39 ve ever owned. The Discoverer AT3 line includes three distinct all season all Dec 22 2015 In my opinion you will come away happy with the new KO2 39 s the AT2 39 s the new Terra Grapler G2 39 s or the Cooper AT3 39 s. I m going to move up from my stock 275 60 20 to 275 65 20 in E load. Road noise and 2. The rated snow flake . Dacia Duster Trails. Jul 25 2020 Most likely 315 70r17s BFG KO2 39 s because I 39 ve had great experiences with them in the past. 3 PSD I wouldn 39 t be able to hear the tires anyway. now for the bad 1. I 39 ve had these on my last three trucks. I will leave the conclusions to you as they are all very close. On dry pavement I think the Cooper AT3 would handle the best of those 3 because less sipes is an advantage on dry pavement during hard cornering or panic stop. BFGoodrich A T KO2 I have often said and I will say it again here the BFGoodrich A T KO2 is one of the best all terrain tires on the market due to its combination of excellent off road abilities on road performance quietness and comfort. Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sport 285 60R18 . nbsp JK Show amp Tell Cooper STT PRO 315 70R17 vs BFG KO2 35x12. The Open Country A T III has exceptional wet and dry braking and handling great off road traction a quiet ride great in snow and 127 sizes. Thankfully I had used tire buyer so I had 45 days to return them and I went with Cooper at3 xlts in the same size but LT version. Today 12 35 PM BFG T A KO2 or Nitto Terra Grappler G2 1 2 3 Last Page yanki01 on 09 03 2015. Joined Oct Jul 30 2020 Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs BFG KO2 Finding the Best Off Road Tire by Jerry Ford Last Updated July 30 2020 Drivers interested in going off roading have a lot to think about when gearing up their vehicle but one of the most important considerations is what tires they ll rely on. The Discoverer AT3 4S is Cooper 39 s On Off Road All Terrain tire designed for the drivers of pickup trucks crossovers and full size SUVs looking for a tire that blends the off road grip they need with the on road comfort they demand. There sitting on a cart because I decided to pick them up myself at the UPS warehouse. 29m longer than the leader. Both are a good choice im very happy with my st maxx. The braking distance was 7. Apr 11 2018 BFG KO2 vs Cooper AT3 Looked around for pics that would show a comparison between the two tread designs side by side so I could see the difference in tread void but didn 39 t find much. Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT Warranty. Aug 27 2014 For what it 39 s worth Overland Journal picked the Cooper AT3 as their recommended tire see the summer issue . Jul 18 2019 BFG KO2 vs Duratrac Which Tire is up to the Challenge Cooper ATP Vs AT3 Which is The Best AT Tires Toyo Open Country AT2 VS BFG AT KO2 Superwinch Vs Warn Best Brake Fluid UTV Winch Jack Stands Car amp Electronics. . The Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sport is a All Terrain and Off Road All Season tyre designed to be fitted to SUV and 4x4. 5 quot 325 Part of me wants to go with what I know which is the KO2s and part of me wants to go the bigger tire without having to go to the 295. 4 . But I think the Falken or the BFG would be better for off road nbsp 20 Aug 2015 I am going to upgrade my stock tires and these are the two types of tires I have been researching. Only complaint with them is they have no rim protector bulge I 39 m sure there 39 s a name for that like the STT Pros I have on the 39 95 LR Discovery which led me to smoosh up the edges of my new steelies a bit on some rocks. The COOPER AT3 XLT may be the first off road tire to drive like an all terrain but look like a mud terrain. The truck handles extremely well in cornering on blacktop sand and gravel. BFG All Terrain that is at once will be the title of this article. It sounds like an obvious thing to ask and yet most tires aren t capable of delivering on those promises. They transformed it from a death trap in the snow to a vehicle that I am now confident to drive in all conditions. 83 quot a width of 11. the weight difference in the tires should NOT be making nbsp 16 2014 BFGoodrich AT vs Cooper Discoverer S T Maxx. Oct 01 2018 Cepek tires are basically a Cooper Tire. Reading VSI8 from Vic Roads you can fit wheels up to 25mm wider and a wheel and tyre package with an overall diameter no more than 15mm larger than the largest specified by the vehicle manufacturer for that model or vehicle series . Joined Sep 9 2015 Messages 35 Location CA. Each new style of the Discoverer AT3 builds off the stellar reputation of the Discoverer AT3 and offers a tire specialized to satisfy the needs of all terrain tire customers. Apr 25 2017 We review the latest all terrain tire from Yokohama in a variety of real world conditions. After the 50 Discount I ended up paying 718 shipped Tax. 02. It promisses to be super strong with a 200 denier cord in the carcass going up from 1500 denier so it s 33 percent stronger Together with 15 percent stronger steel belts this should make the tire less prone to Feb 04 2019 BFG TA KO2 Falken wildpeak AT3W Toyo RT General Grabber ATX Cooper ST Maxx. Cooper Discoverer A T 3 All Traction All Terrain All The Time is the basis for the A T3 signature on the newest all terrain type tire from Cooper Tire. Cooper Tire uses this and their indoor test facilities to put Cooper product offerings through their paces before those tires are made available to the consumer. 29 Oct 2015 275 70 17 BFG TA KO2 Or 285 70 17 Cooper Discoverer AT3 The BFG are smaller of course but 275 size is much cheaper than 285 in the tire. I have noticed that as they wore down the road noise has increased but not a big deal. I 39 ve read a lot of great things about both. jjk70 Registered. 2006 LJ Rubicon Solar Yellow Not Stock Anymore The Press Casual LJ R build May 09 2017 Re Cooper AT3 vs BFG KO2 Originally Posted by KurtG For sand yes you are 100 correct but for sidewall strength and durability the KO2 is an excellent tyre as it is an LT spec. I think they have performed great but I m considering the ATX in 235 65 17. Thread starter cr500taco Start date Jan 23 2016 Watchers 4 C. ATW on the right. Jan 23 2016 The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT the dark horse on a hot streak. Goodyear Duratrac Vs Bfg All Terrain Ko2 Goodyear Duratrac Vs Bfg K02 Cooper At3 Vs Duratrac Goodyear Duratrac Vs Bfg Ko2 Road Noise bejotok Tonneau Cover April 01st 2020 04 52 21 LeBra tonneau covers Cooper Discoverer AT3 Nitto Terra Grapper G2 I was agonizing between ridge grapplers and KO2. Designed to prevent damage on rocky and gravel terrain stone ejector ledges help maintain a clean tread and enhance traction. Just my 0. Now in its third There was some interest on here a while back about Cooper 39 s ATW tires. The Grabber A TX the successor to the Continental owned tire company s Grabber AT2 was launched during a four day event in New Orleans and tested on an off road track outside the NOLA Motorsports Park that General Tire staff created for the event. I think the AT3 is as light as the KO2 tho. They were okay. The DT branded tires are a bit more durable and designed to withstand abuse from gravel and rocks over a long period of time the non DT tires come with the extreme snow rating Jan 10 2020 Cooper Tires introduced three new tire models of their popular Discoverer AT3 truck and SUV tire at the Tire Cologne show this spring. Apr 09 2018 How would you compare the ATX to BFG KO2 when it comes to 1. The only General tires I ever had were total garbage. Wondering if you can comment on any height or width issues you are having with the 285 70 s vs the stock 265 70 size which I m running. 5 lift on my 4Runner and am running stock rims. BF A T KO2 A T KO Cooper AT3 265 70 16 Lenso Max1 Dec 14 2017 Re Cooper S T MAXX tires vs BFGoodrich A T KO2 by Daddybang Thu Dec 14 2017 9 03 am Baz460 wrote I do a lot of trips up to the cape the boys at the station tried the Coopers out and they failed miserably just couldn 39 t handle the abrasive tracks they like me use BFG 39 s I use At 39 s and they go with the Muddies. Jan 11 2019 275 70 18 Cooper discoverer At3 xlt or ko2 I had AT3 s on two different trucks rotated every 5 6000 miles and I enjoyed them when relatively new. . 5 Height 34. I think the BFGs were 54lbs and the Coopers are 47. May 05 2020 Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs Cooper AT3 Choosing a tire is not an easy task to do since we have to consider a lot of things when picking the most suitable option for our vehicle. But I have been running the Cooper AT3 39 s 235 60 17 for about 50 000 and have been pretty pleased. 50R15 For anyone looking for info on these. I mounted Cooper Discoverer A T3 tires 33x12. I Feb 26 2018 These are the 2 tires I 39 m going back and forth on. 08m longer than the leader. I ruled out the AT3 because of its reputation for punctures. The braking distance was 2. 12th place in Gravel braking. Even better choices would be any AT tire with a more circumferential design like a Cooper AT3 Toyo AT2 Firestone A T Hankook ATm etc. Love them Virgils12 Aug 31 2016 3. com. Great snow tire. From that list here is my ranking on each 1 Cooper Discoverer AT3 only tire I 39 ve ordered multiple sets of and will run them on any vehicle I own now for an AT tire. In the 295 the AT3 and Maxx are the same price. Any shared Jan 03 2020 Cooper doesnt even have 1 8 of the Pedigree that BFGOODRICH has the KO2 is a damn fine tire. Comments I own a Ram 2500 Cummins and it was hard to find a decent tire that can take the abuse and ware and Tare of constant trailer pulling and heavy loads until I came across the cooper AT3 XLT tread life is great I drive the truck a lot and most of the time there is almost something heavy in the bed plenty of tread life left on the tires. I live in PA so I 39 m dealing with snowy and terrible roads nbsp 16 Oct 2015 The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires left everybody speechless on our a height of 804mm or about 31 6 they make the speedo read correctly. The Nitto will be slightly better. Looking for good on off road tire BF Goodrich KO2 or cooper at3 xlt. BFGoodrich KO2 versus Cooper AT3 4S and ATT. 50R15 on MB nbsp 29 May 2018 Featuring Adaptive Traction Technology the Discoverer AT3 4S is designed to grip the driving surface whether rocky or smooth in hot or cold nbsp TRD Wheels amp Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S POV First Impressions TheTopher middot BFGoodrich KO2 versus Cooper AT3 4S and ATT 9 2829 598. 7 8th place in Tarmac braking. 6 Width 13 Load 3860 pounds I ran a set of the Cooper AT3 39 s E on my F150 and I was really pleased with them I just don 39 t have any experience on how they 39 ll hold up on this truck with the extra weight. Jun 26 2019 2018 SA4x4 General Tire Grabber AT3 test. The Gen1 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All Terrain Tire. Jun 26 2019 2018 SA4x4 BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 test. The Discoverer AT3 LT is an all terrain tire built to haul heavy loads and withstand constant punishment from dirt gravel and other harsh off road environments. What s the best all terrain tire on the market Well best is a relative term but in this case let s assume that best is based on what most off road enthusiasts wan Just got a set of the Cooper Discoverer at3 4S today in P load 265 75 16. Oh well I can only wait to put miles on them for another evaluation. Oct 16 2015 The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is stacked with new technology The AT3 has a silica based compound smaller gauge sipes for wet traction. In addition like all Cooper tires it comes with a free 45 day road test. Do remember that the AT3 4S is a soft rubber. Re Cooper Discoverer AT3 tires Re smithrjd 14736863 04 02 20 Apr 08 2019 Cooper s AT3 line is available in 29 sizes for wheel sizes 15 inch up to 20 inch. Thanks. J. I 39 ve ran the Nitto AT G2s Toyo AT2s Toyo MTs Cooper Discoverer AT3s Hankook ATMs and Cooper Discoverer STTs on each one. Cooper Discoverer ATP Mar 18 2015 10 33am I just received my shipment of Cooper ATP 39 s they look great and so far I am satisfied considering I got a set of 4 shipped for 618 after rebates. Sept. BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 RWL LT C load range Firestone Destination MT LT E load range I too am very impressed with the cooper at3 tires. Sep 11 2020 The Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs. Price matters but isn 39 t the leading factor in the decision. Jul 23 2019 Cooper Discoverer AT3 vs. I 39 ve got a stock 2016 4x4 Tacoma with a V6 and I 39 m looking to upgrade on tires since the stock ones a getting pretty bald. Then came the conundrum Apr 20 2020 Cooper Discover AT3 vs BFG All Terrain We know that tires that are able to pass all obstacles are the most formidable tires. 265 75r16 BFG a t KO2 39 s on a Chevy 2500hd w 1800 camper 10k on the truck and 16 39 flatbed trailer at 4. Tags cooper at3 vs duratrac duratrac vs ko2 towing bf goodrich ko2 vs goodyear wrangler duratrac duratrac vs ko2 noise bfg at ko2 vs duratrac duratrac vs ko2 tires duratrac vs ridge grappler duratrac vs ko2 on ice goodyear duratrac vs bfg ko2 road noise duratrac vs ko2 jeep bfg ko2 vs duratrac snow bfg at ko2 vs goodyear duratrac duratrac vs May 10 2020 Quick Links KO2 265 70 17 vs 275 7017 FN fx pro wheels lug nut question Spacer recommendations Tire Upgrade 275 70 R17 on a 2016 4Runner TRD PRO Tire Repair Kit Toyo AT3 is here. BFG with no mileage warranty. 8 35. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All Season LT285 65R20 127 124S Tire is designed for lifted leveled and extra large pickups for extreme hauling and aggressive off roading with a side wall design that makes this the industry s best looking AT tire. I do about 80 highway driving 15 gravel and about 5 offroad mud wet leaves 9 May 2020 Noise is low and ride quality is much better than you might expect from an all terrain tire. Getting ready to replace them but I want to jump up a size to 285 75 17 which has limited options. Select specification All Terrain T A KO2 tires are offered with a Jan 15 2014 During normal driving on wet pavement you wouldn 39 t notice a difference between Cooper AT3 vs Hercules AT2 or Hankook ATM. Previously had cooper discoverer AT3 39 s and that was a great tire. 78 quot . Jump to Latest Follow 1 10 of 10 Posts. Featuring an advanced deflection design and CoreGard technology that increases rubber thickness to prevent sidewall failure these tires have been race road and trail tested to take on the toughest hazards around. 21 Mar 2019 To accommodate extended trips on all types of terrain these tires must adapt to slippery or challenging conditions while maintaining ride comfort nbsp Cooper ATR Cooper AT 3 nbsp 28 Jul 2019 BFG KO2 or the Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S I have a set of Method 502 17 quot x8 quot 38mm wheel coming. 55 200 . I have the ATP 39 s on my truck and love them. Sep 10 2020 The Toyo Open Country A T IIIs performed excellent in these situations. They just improved upon it. Best 6 8 Speakers and 6. A little more of an aggresive look. I currently have a set of the LTX A T2 39 s on my 39 02 F250 245 75 16 and they are the best tires I 39 ve had on the truck. This Discoverer AT3 is Cooper 39 s long w Aug 06 2018 Cooper AT3 LT or Cooper ST Maxx or BFG KO2 I have read a few posts here and looks like pros and cons to all types of tyres. Joined Feb 15 2018 102 Posts . With the suspension that you have on a TRD Pro I d be slow to lift it. If you want smooth and quiet go Michelin or Bridgestone Dueller Revo. BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 vs Dura trac vs Everything else. The 285 70R17 Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT has a diameter of 32. As compared to the original KO the KO2 doubles up on its gravel endurance mileage potential. They are quiet wear very well and BFGoodrich All Terrain T A KO2 285 60 20 E Tire The All Terrain T A KO2 quot KO2 quot for Key benefit On and Off road with 2 identifying it as BFGoodrich 39 s 2nd generation KO tire is an On Off Road All Terrain light truck tire developed to meet the needs of jeep pickup truck and sport utility vehicle drivers who want confidence and Shop for Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT at www. The off road dynamo with on road manners. Probably a few others I missed. The Method 39 s are 1lb lighter each than nbsp From buying research to owner support join 1. Cooper tyres are built for enthusiasts for weekend off roaders explorers comfort class customers classic connoisseurs and those driven by the open road. 17 Feb 2015 Can 39 t decide between the BF Goodrich AT KO2 39 s or the Cooper Discoverer AT3 39 s. I love the smell of new tires. That 39 s not necessarily a bad thing though it looks like a good tire. Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT is the lightest and a great tire. Also the cooper was compared on a 4x4 review and tested against the BFG and Toyo and come out on top. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT All Season LT265 65R18 122 119R Tire offers Durable Tread Technology to take on the toughest jobs on any terrain. Aug 12 2018 I will second this about the cooper AT3. I previously had 265 75 R16 Goodyear Jan 21 2019 Cooper AT3 4S as a well balanced new AT with mountain peaks. I just really like the solid white letters on the To assess the KO2 s treadlife and mileage potential BFGoodrich commissioned both internal and external third party testing. Sep 07 2014 The new BFG KO2 is the 4th generation in this tire and is meant to recapture a lot of sales lost in the Balkanization of the offroad tire segment and in my opinion is a direct response to General Tire 39 s introduction of its General Grabber AT2 a couple years back which is a shockingly good dare I say knockoff of the BFG AT KO2 and sold at a So you are looking at the KO2 which will be a pain in Chicago especially on 24lb stock wheels Geolander G015 and Maxxis 771 in 225 65 17 at the Cooper Discoverer AT3 in 235 60 17 and at the new Conti TA in stock size. Editor s Note The final installment of our test will be posted around the 24 000 mile mark. Less than 20 000 miles on my stock KO2 and tires are I bought some 285 75 R16 Cooper Discoverer at3 last week. The KO2 39 s are therefore more of a dedicated off road tire. Cooper Discoverer AT3 The tread compound enhances wet traction and rolling resistance while the aggressive tread design significantly improves off road traction without sacrificing highway performance and provide an outstanding performance in both on Oct 03 2016 Cooper Discoverer ATP lt vs gt BFGoodrich T A K02. I got 24K miles on BFG TA KO before that. First the good 1. 5 quot 1 375 after rebate and install Diff . Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 G Discoverer ST Maxx and BF Goodrich KO2. The AT3 is about 85 cheaper for the 275 vs the 295. Het A T3 loopvlakpatroon maakt gebruik van een combinatie van kenmerken die bijzonder geschikt zijn voor degelijke all terrain prestaties superieure all season tractie uitstekende stabiliteit en Mar 15 2012 Well I bought the Cooper Discoverer AT3 today and on the ride home they felt good. BFGoodrich KO2 Tires Comparison 2020 Tires are the only parts of the vehicle that engage in direct contact with the road underneath. Apr 15 2020 Toyo released its new Open Country A T III AT3 all terrain tire and we wasted no time heading to the hills to see if it 39 s as much a mud tire as it is a snow tire and much more. Cooper at3 XLT vs Continental Terraincontact. Toyo Nitto owned by Toyo and Cooper make great tires as far as I 39 m concerned. As it turns out Cooper s Discoverer line dates back more than 40 years and represents Cooper s focus on delivering tires that offer all terrain traction and true durability. Testing Yokohama s Newest All Terrain Tire the G015. I searched and noticed that a few guys here have used the ST Maxx 39 s but I haven 39 t found answers to my questions. Goodyear Duratrac vs Falken Wildpeak AT3. 98 quot x11. Coopertires has a progressive approach to all aspects of the business with heavy investment in research and development. The All Terrain T A KO2 is BFGoodrich s toughest all terrain tire ever. toyo 39 s 40 000 vs. Discover the Discoverer AT3 4S perfect for most SUVs and pickup trucks. I usually place them in my bedroom for a night or two before mounting them onto my vehicle. Buddy303 Premium Member. This is mainly because of the silica tread compound used which makes the tire softer and the zig zag sipe pattern. Haven 39 t decided yet. Snow performance I am currently running the KO2 s in 225 65 17 on my VW T5 Multivan . Conclusion A good addition to the category. And in an emergency situation the right set of tires can save more than one life. cooper at3 vs ko2