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Ac compressor running but won t take freon

ac compressor running but won t take freon Figured it was low on Freon. Adjusting the fan speed can solve the problem. If the furnace fan kicks in the problem isn t in the furnace. it will stay on for like 30 mins or so then it kicks off for a while. While there are a variety of reasons your Ford Mustang GT air conditioning won 39 t work the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak an electrical climate control issue or a problem with the air conditioning compressor. Clogged drain. When this happens you won 39 t get cold or even cool air blowing from our air conditioner. Try a Freon Leak Repair Kit The compressor sucks the sealant through the system and repairs small leaks. Check the front side of the clutch to examine its condition. This tends to attract dust which will make it more visible. Jul 19 2020 Freon is known to be very slippery. Apr 06 2008 Favorite Answer Either your engine was not running at the time you tried to replace the freon thus the compressor is not running or you need to replace the compressor entirely. The colder the water the more efficient the cooling but most air conditioners will work fine to water temps into the 80 degree range sometimes warmer. If you have an electric fan make sure it is running. Unless it experiences leaking along the refrigerant lines an AC will not run out of refrigerant during its service life. If it 39 s not There is a low pressure switch in the big line. We offer help in answering questions clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on site inspection by a professional. Automotive air conditioning system uses an electromagnetic clutch mechanism that engages the compressor to turn the AC unit. Just because it is turning doesn 39 t mean it is pressurizing the refrigerant. If the fan doesn t run try resetting the furnace circuit breaker. It might feel right but it isn 39 t. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects apply these techniques Working Method 1. Mar 04 2004 This should discharge the can into the system without the engine running. I installed a new Denso compressor Denso receiver dryer new non oem expansion valve. Drove a little ways and it stopped cooling again. To answer a statement made earlier no Refrigerant freon does not dissipate unless there is a leak in the system. Remember that the ac compressor is a pump designed to compressor gas rather than liquid. Ez Chill Refrigerant I used in the Video http amzn. Won 39 t pull in any refrigerant if it isn 39 t running. Now that the system has more freon in it start engine and push AC button to see if the compressor will now run and deliver cooling. Doubt the keypad is part of this problem but wouldn 39 t hurt to clean it anyway to prevent other issues. r134 converted full of freon. Charging more to find out why it won 39 t take freon is kinda chicken sh t in my opinion. At Conditioned Air we believe that one of the most important but If it isn 39 t working well the rest of your air conditioning system will run nbsp My ac on my 10 started not working as well add it use to. The Assuming the AC is not operating and you can 39 t get freon in it may be overfilled and the compressor not working. Your AC needs plenty of fresh air for regular operation. Also orifice was changed and also condenser. Watch out for Freon substitutes they can become highly corrosive. Otherwise you may have another problem such as a leak in your refrigerant line. When your air conditioner fails to start and the blower motor won t fire up there could be a number of problems with your unit. I am sorry that you have not been helped yet. Even the most reliable air conditioning system can show troubles. To run this compressor the car s engine is directly connected to the pump rotor of the compressor with a belt. my friends going to a technical college allow the compressor to kick on and draw the R134A in but you might have you will have to quot jump quot the low pressure switch the run the compressor in nbsp 13 Jun 2020 Is your air conditioner turning on but not blowing cold air on all the time even when your air conditioner isn 39 t actually cooling your home. thxs for ans. if the system has zero low pressure and the can has high higher pressure then they will equalize themselves by simple laws of physics. The outside unit will turn off for a few seconds and then kick right back on but the compressor won 39 t kick May 31 2018 Tech says unit won 39 t take Freon Hello So we bought our house 1 year ago 2 days ago the tempreture wouldn 39 t get below 78 so i went outside to look at the unit and saw it iced up. 31 Jul 2020 If that doesn 39 t get the unit blowing cold air again it could be refrigerant levels are low see below . Set your thermostat to AC mode and lower the temperature setting. The AC is blowin hot air only and the compressor won 39 t kick on. If it isn 39 t you may need to replace the compressor or refill the air conditioner with refrigerant. Sep 27 2019 Broken reversing valve If your heat pump is running but the air coming out of your vents is hot it s likely a problem with your reversing valve. First thing is to start with checking the freon pressure. Freon is the brand name of a type of air conditioning refrigerant gas manufactured by DuPont Chemicals. Jul 09 2016 Since Freon is in charge of absorbing the heat from the air if it is low on Freon on it would take much longer for it to accomplish that which means it would take longer to cool your home down. But hopefully this article on troubleshooting when your AC won 39 t turn on was helpful at getting you to where you need to be. If it was partially a liquid you would risk hydro locking the compressor. If only the pulley rotates there must be an issue in the system. Aug 30 2019 Just like when there s a refrigerant leak if your AC compressor is overheating malfunctioning or starting to fail it will result in your AC system shutting off frequently and starting back up shortly. Final Thoughts on When Your Air Conditioner Won 39 t Turn On. AC is AC. When I nbsp I installed a new Denso compressor Denso receiver dryer new non oem expansion the high sideinto the vacuum engine and compressor NOT running . Thanks guys. Check your breaker panel. It is possible to charge the system via the high side without running the compressor but to answer your question No you would not be able to do that. Pressure ZERO as expected. In order to add the freon you need to pull the vacuum. 3 jumpered the low pressure switch with a paper clip nothing. Baled with it 3 days in a row last week 90 degrees high humidity and on the second day the air conditioning started acting up. May 27 2020 Pressure equals heat so to cool the gas on the downstream side of the compressor it s run through a raw water cooled condenser which returns the refrigerant to a liquid state. Sometimes you need to feed it through the low side only with the car running and the ac on. my car is toyota Avalon 1996 I have a problem with a 13 year old Vintage Air system R 134a that will only blow 45 50 degree air. the compressor would kick on off constantly once the system has been run for a little while. If the car AC clutch won 39 t engage the root cause needs a little diagnosis. We 39 ll let you know what it will take to fix the leak and if you 39 re best off nbsp 4 Oct 2019 The warmed refrigerant is heated up further which converts it from its gaseous However having the fan running but the compressor not working is the fan is running chances are the outer unit housing the compressor isn 39 t nbsp 30 Apr 2020 But first let 39 s take a quick look at how an AC system works. May 09 2020 This means you need to take an overcharged AC unit serious and if you start noticing problems with your AC especially after recharging it you know what you can do about it. Sep 20 2012 My Coleman unit is only 5 years old. Depending on the outside air temperature I can usually fill an entire system this way without even starting the engine and turning on the AC. That should activate the clutch you 39 ll hear it you don 39 t need the car running to do that. but when it got to 29 it just kinda sat there running but didn 39 t seem like it It might be just enough to get the compressor engaging and pulling freon in on the low side. So my used compressor locked up. Compressor is seized i. If you don 39 t have a gauge set most parts stores will rent them to you. 4. I have checked the 3 fuses listed on the card in the fuse box under the hood and they are ok. The AC compressor works fine also basically everything seems to work properly but the Jul 28 2017 Went to add 134a and it won 39 t take more than . If the clutch doesn t engage the air conditioning compressor can t pump refrigerant. Shut it off and low side very slowly returned to 100 after 30 minutes or so. You may get it to accept a charge but you may have already Moisture reacts with the refrigerant and oil to cause acid and sludge that can destroy the system. Okay so I purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer about 5 days ago finally got me a personal mechanic amp took it over there was told it was leaking freon on the high side port got the high side line changed amp freon added it shows no more leaks amp pressure is good. Excessive suction pressure beyond the limits of the compressors ability to start and run. The compressor is located in an air conditioner s outdoor unit If the clutch does not come on and the air conditioning relay and fuse are good it could indicate that the low pressure switch has activated disconnecting the circuit between the clutch and the compressor. This is the sort of air conditioning repair that a homeowner can take care of with a little routine maintenance. inside your home near a blower unit become icy cold as the refrigerant within turns from a liquid It may seem simplistic but sometimes the cause of an AC system running but not the unit will blow air through the duct system but no cooling will take place. BMW shop said it was the Expanstion Valve but I replaced that and it made zero difference. To get more information you can call them at 800 296 1996. Your Air Conditioning System is Low on Refrigerant. There is a solenoid that engages disengages the A C compressor when the engine is running and the a c is switched on. Aug 17 2020 if there is no refrigerant in the the system and the compressor is not kicking on its not going to suck the freeon. Clutch Less Variable Displacement AC Compressor help me plss my AC car not enough blow cold but i put Freon and check if have leak but i cant see any leak my friend say to me maybe the problem is ac thermostat and i notice my A C Compressor was stop a 1 to 2 sec and its run again. 8. After taking the car for a quick spin around the block to get it circulating the compressor no longer was turning. Without further ado let s get down to business. This is not necessarily a death sentence for your HVAC unit. This is sometimes simple to resolve. Unit is pretty old but I don 39 t know exact age. When your air conditioner won 39 t turn on it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Assume clogged expansion valve Car is 39 91 300SE with all original system. That sound tells us that Freon is leaking out of your system at a high rate and it won t be long until it s empty. The system runs but doesn t cool or cools weakly. If it doesn 39 t get it all put the can right side up gas discharge and start the engine. Similar to many other car parts the compressor can wear out over time. As far as I know when r134 is static in a automotive ac system it is always a gas not a liquid. If the compressor clutch is not engaging check AC relay Nov 26 2018 In a few cases the clutch does not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit. It does NOT blow cold air. I teach air conditioning for the Navy and I have never heard of such a May 09 2010 Either way have a freon charge hooked up to the system prior to turning the compressor back on or the low pressure code will reset before you get things hooked up and you will be back to where you started and the compressor won 39 t run. Low or High freon pressure too high or too low of a pressure reading will trip an internal switch not allowing the compressor to engage thus saving the compressor from damage 3. Put the refrigerant can in a bucket of hot water and swish around in the bucket until the can is empty. Question type Maintenance amp Repair The compressor is a pump that compresses the refrigerant Freon that 39 s sealed in the window air conditioner. e. If the clutch is engaged and you are reading high pressure I would bet you are on pressure side. Look up the ambient temp and it will show you the pressure you 39 ll see in the system. . Jun 01 2016 I would assume R 134a if you got a manifold guage set for 134 it will connect if it 39 s R 12 it won 39 t. Nov 12 2019 Air Conditioner Compressor Is Not Working and Fan Is Running. PTCR Fan operates compressor l Start or run tries to start cycles OFF capacitor and hums again or blows l Overload circuit breaker. With the engine running and a c turned on pop the hood open car is in be low on refrigerant so that the low pressure cut out switch won 39 t allow the clutch to nbsp When summer comes along you need your air conditioner to run without a hitch and If your AC system turns on but doesn 39 t blow out cold air ensure all the vents are open If it 39 s clogged with dirt or other debris you won 39 t get any air flow. Jan 24 2019 Johnny808 I would just take it in and have Ford or a Good shop diagnose the problem shouldn 39 t cost too much. What makes you think you have no Freon in the system Jump the pressure switch and see if the AC compressor engages it 39 s clutch then look at and I 39 ve NEVER seen the low pressure that high when charging or running. The outside fan will be running by itself without the compressor running. Increased humidity inside your home It should only take a functional air conditioning system about 15 minutes to properly dehumidify your home. if they didn 39 t add it you will get that message. As more refrigerant gets into the system the longer the compressor will run between shut offs and eventually the compressor will run constantly. If the AC will run it should surely suck it into the system. During that time from 10 to 40 loss of charge you are doing damage to your compressor. Over the years the chemical structure of these refrigerant gases like R 12 or R 14 have been replaced in general usage in response to environmental regulations by the May 21 2020 The EPA doesn 39 t require that refrigerant be removed and cleaned before car air conditioning recharging takes place. This may not turn out to be true all the time as the AC could have failed due to a fault in some other component. If the compressor burns out the entire air conditioner will often need to be replaced. Because the service valve are closed and if it R410A it already precharged with refrigerant. Take your vehicle to a certified technician if the DIY suggestions given here didn t do the trick or if the system won t turn on at all. During air conditioning season which in Phoenix Arizona can be nearly year round the central air conditioner s filter gets a huge workout. Solution Contact a local AC repair company to diagnose and replace your AC compressor. Do not run it like this for long or you could damage thew compressor. What are the symptoms of a defective AC compressor clutch Since the AC compressor clutch is the one responsible for pressurizing and distributing your AC 39 s refrigerant you must always take a close look at this component. How much time was the vacuum pump run and what were the gauge readings I added some refrigerant to my car and it still won 39 t get cold. if they do then you have a good charge. If it 39 s clogged or faulty then the refrigerant won 39 t convert from gas to liquid which is a vital step in nbsp 27 May 2018 My girlfriend 39 s 2008 Ford Focus is blowing warm and won 39 t suck any It sounds like the compressor is kicking on when Max AC is pushed but no r 134 is 5 refrigerant is usually added while the system is quot running quot but not nbsp 7 Aug 2018 If your AC is running but your home isn 39 t cooling down check to see if Let 39 s take a look at some of the problems a tech will need to fix. Also if you have an efan make sure you have a fan that is big enough for the condenser. If the refrigerant charge level is not okay adjust the refrigerant charge as required. I ran five cans in a Komatsu WA500 loader but there should be a decal near the compressor or the dryer stating the amount. That is where mine was. The low side only has a quot low quot pressure when the compressor is running and it will vary with engine nbsp 6 Feb 2015 well as the title states compressor wont pull charge I pulled hoses off and spun clutch to to the older AN type r12 fittings but still wont pull charge with compressor running Yes take shrader out of oe line if at all possible. If the compressor is not quot kicking in quot the first thing to check is the compressor clutch which is electric and would receive the signal from the HVAC controls and body control module to turn on. A C compressor will not engage so I did the following 1 Tried to re charge the gauge went into the yellow area border line red area. You can always replace the clutch itself but a PITA. Blower Motor Won t Turn On. The A C compressor won 39 t engage and even when I force it to it of course blew cold air and knowing that it would leak out I waited until the A C switch it refused to take any more freon and the air blowing was still hot. You can buy 410 and 134a legally on line but you need a license to but Freon 22. l Module board l Touch pad MECHANICAL and l AC voltage ELECTRONIC CONTROL . I feel so dumb. Jan 16 2019 The compressor moves refrigerant through the system by placing this substance under extremely high pressure and passing it on to the condenser so the refrigerant gas can morph into a liquid. If its a new DRY R 22 unit is dry and is filled nbsp 5 Jun 2020 There are many things that can cause a compressor to stop working. 6 Jul 2009 my a c wont take a freon charge. The compressor fan is running and the system is blowing air but apparently not cold enough. Got down to 76 overnight but is back to 78 now. When I have about . 31 Jul 2017 Freon is the chemical refrigerant that cools the warm air before it is Just bring the car in and we can run some tests. The heart of any air conditioning system is a compressor whose job it is to compress the freon. Of course other things could cause this problem as well including Dirty outside unit Thermostat s fan setting is set to ON instead of AUTO Issues with the compressor With that in mind look for these other 2 signs. If the air still isn 39 t cold after adding more Freon then there is probably another leak the compressor a faulty compressor means that the air conditioning will not work This could be complicated to fix so take it to a trusted mechanic if you 39 re nbsp 24 Jan 2020 The other day I found that the AC in my car not blowing cold air like it used to when I bought it. Installed new compressor condenser drier Local shop wanted to charge 140 just to evac. It might be just enough to get the compressor engaging and pulling freon in on the low side. They often contain methyl chloride which turns more acidic with less moisture than R134a or R12. Any ideas what my problem would be 1 Answer. Apr 10 2011 The 2000 Jimmy doesn 39 t use quot freon. I was running low on freon for a while and I just held of until spring to get some freon. if the charge is good start the car turn on the ac and if the compressor doesnt kick on take the cover off of the fuse relay box under the hood and look for the ac compressor relay Oct 22 2015 There is a way to add more refrigerant without hot wiring the low pressure switch and running the compressor. If the thermostat has continuity all the time this indicates that it is shorted out If the thermostat is defective it may cause the compressor to run continuously. If you can take your car to a place that will pull a vacuum on your a c system tell them NOT to drain the oil in the system unless yours looks like it needs changed. Its purpose is to help your AC s compressor start up. I have a 95 nissan altima. The most common reason that a compressor goes bad is due to long periods of nbsp 21 Jun 2010 There is a small amount of pressure in the system already but its just not accepting new gas. When the compressor is not coming on your air conditioner unit will not run properly. Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. 3 one of freon in it both the high and low pressures are reading 50psi. Turns off when turned off. 1. quot It uses R134a refrigerant different than quot freon quot . Apr 19 2017 Disposable air filters get dirty fast. If your car AC won 39 t take Freon you can check the compressor use a manifold gauge set and pick up a recharging kit. Fault codes are Low Refrigerant and sun sensor . The more refrigerant I put into a ac system the more static pressure their is. First check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped or if there 39 s a blown fuse. Sometimes the AC s compressor is not working but the fan still runs. Since you aren 39 t likely to run into anything quite that cold let 39 s Let 39 s take a look at how each part in the system affects the refrigerant to allow it to When the compressor runs it pushes all of the refrigerant in the system. 4 Jun 2018 Our master mechanics are certified experienced technicians that can repair repair or slipping compressor clutch to get your air conditioning operating at you 39 re left with uncomfortable heat that a rolled down window just can 39 t fix. If you have a large family or several pets in the house you should consider doing it more often. Jul 21 2014 Air conditioner isn t blowing any cool air air isn t cool when it s hot outside. Agreed but in the case of your fianc e it was probably down to the AC Compressor wasn 39 t engaging when the a c was tuned on. it has freon but it doesn 39 t have lubricant and if you keep resetting it with the battery disconnect it will burn up the Yesterday I tried to recharge it again no go the AC literally seemed to be blowing HOT air the compressor wouldn 39 t come on Guessing so much 134a is gone that it won 39 t come on just like a regular AC How can I trick the compressor to come on so it can accept the charge Yes I 39 m aware the orange covered cables are 200 volts and could kill me Re HVAC LG portable ac unit won 39 t cool Read the label and see what type the unit has. Once you turn on the AC the center part of the compressor the AC clutch should engage and start to rotate with the pulley. You need to evacuate the system vacuum it and then recharge it. C on so I know it has pressure and freon. That front plate connects to the compressor driveshaft and should be engaged against the All too often this powerful combination can take its toll on the electrical connection. internally something broke and it will not Apr 11 2019 I drive a 2009 Ram 1500 5. Black Death starts out inside the compressor after refrigerant breaks down. c. Next check the outside condensing unit. My AC was cold but I figured a little maitenance was OK. Sign In. But make sure to check out your motor compressor 39 s required freon type nbsp 15 Jun 2015 to escape. The compressor is fine line is very cold fan is working. However in Parker Co the causes behind such overheating may differ. Ever wonder how shops can put refrigerant in without the car running AC nbsp 15 Jul 2009 I noticed that my Compressor wasn 39 t kicking on I checked all the fuses. Refrigerant is the heat transference fluid that allows. they have to add lubricant to the freon or the compressor will burn up. . A very inconvenient and expensive ordeal. If run a B jumper to the compressor terminal it would attach to and ground the other terminal. Yes it is possible the ac compressor doesnt turn on from a relay or a clutch but the low nbsp 19 Mar 2014 If no Freon the clutch will not engage because the low pressure switch will prevent to do so. Oh since about 1990 If the compressor clutch will not engage verify the refrigerant charge level. 2 checked the A C relay swapped them with the horn relay both are good. Take a look at your condenser and maintenance records condenser coils tubes that the refrigerant flows through prevents your AC from A bad compressor. Sometimes the compressor might completely stop working due to overheating which is one of the most common problems plaguing an AC. Any advice I 39 ve recharged two Dodge trucks before. Apr 24 2013 When refrigerant is still in the compressor it is considered to be at the beginning of the air conditioning cycle. Jun 21 2010 as mentioned earlier make sure the compressor clutch is engaging. Heavy equipment is no different than an automobile system. So last week my AC compressor stopped coming on again And rarely when it does the AC is not very cold at all. Could somebody Oct 22 2003 If you have the a c system changed over to the new juice make sure they know what they are doing. Refer to Refrigerant diagnosis and testing refrigerant charge level. 7 Aug 2010 I put the freon in and it wouldn 39 t take it. Don 39 t take any chances of these problems occurring in your AC. This is a confusing situation when the outside ac unit not running but inside is. I 39 m adding it through the low side with the truck running. Compressor turns on and stays on when I turn the A. Worked great yesterday. There is an additional requirement that the car s A C have charging fittings that are unique to the refrigerant being used but it s the venting part that s of the most A refrigerant leak can also occur in the 2. It can happen much faster like about 30 minutes depending on the amount of pressure in the lines. So start your diagnosis by determining if the compressor clutch works. Twice this sensor has been replaced. It will take about 6 hours to leak out at most. It will be easier to refill if your AC unit uses R410A or R 134A refrigerant rather than the R 22 types. Blower is blowing like it should. The serpentine belt rides the A C compressor pulley every time the engine runs but the A C compressor is working only when the A C clutch engages it. Pressures look OK and the system won t take any more than 1 2 can of refrigerant every Spring. Again this is the part of the heat pump that reverses the refrigerant and allows it to act as both a heater and an air conditioner. If the fuse is okay time to take it to a repair shop that does AC work. If this vid was able to help you pls Subscribe to our channel by clicking the red button nbsp 19 Apr 2011 Went to pull a vac on it but wouldn 39 t take the freon. Click on the image to get more detail on the gauges. Don 39 t sweat it if your central air conditioning stops cooperating. Compressor is running but not pumping freon thru sight glass. I can hear The compressor running one minute and then it just shuts off. It was low on freon so I decided to evacuate it and vacuum it down. Jun 13 2007 Your compressor isnt shot it has a pressure switch on it that automatically turns the compresor off if there isnt sufficient freon in the system. Does anybody know what might cause the AC compressor to not engage. Efan should run 100 if the AC is on. Obviously the compressor won 39 t run as it is empty. 2. Here s the bottom line Turning the thermostat from COOL to OFF stops your AC from continuously sending cold refrigerant to your outside unit where your compressor is located . During that time my freon got so low that my compressor clutch quit engaging apparently some safety measure . Jul 17 2018 That s right electricity. To the OP Yes we need hi and lo pressures. I took it to my mechanic that works on my other non euro vehicles to get the reading on the freon. You know that you can t legally discharge your air conditioner at home because it is against the law since you have to have a special certification to do it. It took a while but the level did come up and the cool air did start to blow in If the fan is not working properly it gets really hot and will not work properly the fan Hello Could low refrigerant cause fans not to run the only time fans fun is when nbsp 17 Jul 2020 The hot air is blown directly from the engine if the blend door isn 39 t The chemical Freon or simply you can call it coolant is the reason why the AC cools hot air Or you can simply take your vehicle to the professionals as they Check out the video below to know how How to fix Car AC that blows hot air . Should the ac compressor receive liquid rather than gas it will destroy itself quicker than you can turn off the switch. One consistent thing I 39 ve read is to check how the compressor clutch reacts when you turn on AC if it disengages then it doesn 39 t have enough pressure and likely has a refrigerant leak. Another reason why your air conditioning system might be running but not cooling is a low level of refrigerant. Hook the can up to the gauges start it up with the AC on high and it didn 39 t go as planned. How the A C Works Q Coolant fans not running when ac is turned on. I don 39 t think the 39 97 used the Mitsubishi scroll so you probably have the HD 6 or HR 6 compressor so you 39 ll need to add back some PAG 150 oil or you risk running the compressor dry. I just came online and saw your question. Low pressure showed 90lbs but would not take any more and compressor wouldn t engage Mar 22 2016 With the A C compressor not running think of the Freon as a gallon of milk. if the system isn 39 t evacuated it won 39 t take enough refrigerant to kick the A C nbsp 20 May 2013 If the compressor isn 39 t starting your air conditioner may be low on Inspect the fan motor Next take a look at the fan motor because it can affect the compressor too. If enough Freon leaked out the compressor will run in a dry state. The first areas that should be checked and cleared can be completed easily and quickly. You want this fixed ASAP. 2003 BMW z4 A C not cold and won 39 t take refridgerant. I attached a guage set and with the AC off the low side maxed out and the high side read 125. 24 Apr 2013 If your air conditioner won 39 t work at all there 39 s a good chance that When refrigerant is still in the compressor it is considered to be at that you will almost certainly need to have an HVAC technician take Under these circumstances the compressor may still run but the air conditioner won 39 t cool the air. If 0 the relay or it 39 s ground are bad. If it s low make sure they find and fix the leak since a leak is why you lose refrigerant and then add more. I ended up getting a new one from Napa do not buy a rebuilt v5 compressor . Jun 15 2014 Not enough info. Frozen Evaporator Coils So I put the bottle of freon in the truck had to heat it up and turn it upside down to get it all in and low and behold my compressor kicked on and cold air started blowing. However using the vacuum pump improperly would not be the cause of the Freon not going in. An undersized AC is like The Little Engine That Could but can 39 t. Mar 11 2016 The compressor is fine. Year 1996 Make GMC Model Yukon Engine Size 350 Refrigerant Type R 134. and the clutch seems to be working fine. Also as mentioned previously make sure you back out the piercing pin completely. Check the performance charts of the compressor for the maximum suction pressure. It just now occurred to me to check the heater valve to make sure it s completely Common Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions Technical Specs. The little cans can be tricky but you also try leaving nbsp 30 Jul 2014 When the vehicle 39 s air conditioning system doesn 39 t accept a charge of Compressor never kicks on but I 39 ve read that it won 39 t with low refrigerant. Some systems won 39 t allow an initial charge without The leak could be coming from the seams on the compressor. Make sure the compressor is running. Disconnect that and test each wire for 12V when calling for AC. put in a 2000 TA I Tried to Charge my A C and It won 39 t take Refrigerant the system being in a vacuum then freon runs right in with in a matter of a nbsp 31 May 2018 He said the unit is a Champion he hadn 39 t heard of that brand 5 ton unit He said it wasn 39 t taking Freon and said the high pressure gauge is nbsp I tried to recharge it but it wouldn 39 t take any coolant maybe half a can is I noticed when the A C was running the relay for the compressor was nbsp 30 Jun 2011 Today I tried to add some back to the system and now it won 39 t take any juice. likely cause for your air conditioning system malfunction is a refrigerant leak. I tried to recharge the system but it won 39 t take in any freon. Then put on some gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from the Freon and turn off your AC. It kicks on and off. If an AC compressor could not turn on this process could not begin. If you discover an AC compressor won t run situation follow these diagnostic steps to find out what s wrong. The low pressure switch acts as a safety device or backup relay disallowing the compressor to run when low or no refrigerant exists. 22 Oct 2015 If the clutch doesn 39 t engage the air conditioning compressor can 39 t pump the compressor from running if the system is low on refrigerant. It will constantly run but the system is simply too small to meet your home s cooling Mar 29 2019 Before you add Freon to an AC unit make sure to clean the air filter blower wheel and coils to ensure your unit is running smoothly. You can pick the lit up at any auto supply store. AC compressor clutch engage then it will disengage. Many small inexpensive and easily replaceable parts are prone to breaking down. If your refrigerant levels are depleted it will take longer to cool your home. If your compressor isn 39 t pumping refrigerant like it should your air conditioner won 39 t nbsp 6 Reasons Why Your Car 39 s Air Conditioner Might Be Blowing Hot Air A refrigerant leak can occur at any point in the air conditioning process and so When fans aren 39 t properly functioning your condenser may not receive properly cooling. My 1999 sl500 I can 39 t get the ac to blow cold. Mechanic 39 s Assistant Have you checked the Freon level Yes To cool your air your AC needs refrigerant. I had been baling for a couple hours when I noticed the cab wasnt staying cool. Okay. I get everything buttoned up pull a vacuum and it looks good to go. That s why in this guide we share simple ways to check the refrigerant level of an AC unit so you can get a recharge if required. Liquid lock of the compressor A C blowing hot air Compressors switches on then off very quickly. But it will not take any more because the freon is not circulating at all. car not running. There are a lot of factors that determine whether your compressor will turn on including blockages and problems with the thermostat that may prevent the compressor from working properly. Also assuming you 39 re adding to the low side start the car and turn on the a c this might help as well. Air conditioners remove nbsp The refrigerant system is supposed to be a sealed system but this is rarely perfect. With a typical split system central air conditioner the condensing unit sits outside your home and includes the outdoor coil the compressor the condenser fan and its electronic controls. take any refrigerant either BECAUSE THE COMPRESSOR WON 39 T RUN nbsp 5 Sep 2010 Well same storypulled down to a vacuum and it still won 39 t take more That gives you the lines from the compressor the condenser and the line to the low side up to around the low 20 psi range where it is supposed to run. When the fan is running but the AC compressor isn 39 t there 39 s a good chance that electrical power isn 39 t reaching the outside unit where the compressor is located and since the inside unit has power the fan is still operating. It circulates the refrigerant that removes heat from your home s air and dumps it outside. Sep 02 2020 Running the AC 10 minutes a week even in the winter helps circulate refrigerant oil and lubricate the compressor and condition O rings and seals. The AC compressor works fine also basically everything seems to work properly but the Reusing Refrigerant Refrigerant must be properly recycled or reclaimed before it can be reused even if it is being returned to the vehicle from which it was removed. 1 on the high side 1 on the low side. The vents were hardly putting out any air and what little bit was coming out I installed the good blow off valve on my compressor this morning and recharged my system with one can of Arctic Freeze Utra Synthetic 134a with leak sealer one can of regular old 134a and one 3 ounce can of PAG 100 oil charge for R 134a systems. As the pump starts to work the low side will go lower and the high side will go higher. Bought vacuum pump and gauges hoses. Over the hill AC If the air conditioner is more than 15 years in service losing its cooling power may be the sign that it s time to have it replaced. Specifically it limits how much heat the AC can absorb along the evaporator coil and this will cause the coil to freeze over. If the refrigerant charge level is okay go to step two. Car sat for 9 years so probably no major leak will pull vacuum and test. Sep 03 2020 You should also check the air conditioner in the engine bay to see if the compressor is running. these kind of compressor has not clutch and that we should avoid to run the nbsp 1 Jun 2011 AH. The average home air conditioning compressor costs 1 200 to replace with a typical range anywhere from 800 to 2 800. 28 May 2010 General Tech Help AC won 39 t take freon I have a 95 Accord EX which I purchased This was a salvage car and while the car seems to run fine it has numerous If it blows out hot air does that mean my compressor is ok General Tech 1999 Silverado A C Compressor wont take in Freon Just the other day i We replaced the orphis tube to see if that was the problem but still no luck. just folow the instructions on the kit. No cold air. if your Car ac is not blowing cold air read here to learn the easy way to solve the Summer isn 39 t over yet near the firewall when the air conditioner is running on a warm humid day. It 39 s a catch 22 as the compressor won 39 t run if the low pressure switch is triggered however you can 39 t top it off without the compressor running go figure. Started car and proceeded to add freon Compressor would not engage. First make sure the unit is receiving power. Aug 27 2003 Once this occurs compressor failure will soon follow. After that the can warmed up and didn 39 t seem to take any more. The can Jun 15 2015 Page 1 of 2 JD 7200 air conditioning issues posted in Tractor Talk 95 model not the new R series. The use of a Crankcase Pressure Regulator CPR or pressure limited TXV MOP may be required. High compression ratios are the result of either lower than normal suction pressures or higher than normal discharge Aug 02 2017 Freon is heavier than air if any air is cut into the Freon to dilute it the cylinder won t weigh enough. It 39 s called quot Pressure temperature saturation quot This chart shows the pressure temp relationship for R 12 and R 134a. If your compressor isn t pumping refrigerant like it should your air conditioner won t cool your home well. Let me know what you find. Frozen evaporator coil You can spot a refrigerant leak anywhere in the system What you should do Call an AC contractor to have them check your refrigerant levels. Refrigerant is a fluid that turns into a gas and back to liquid form flowing throughout the system. This happened three times and then it quit cooling. It takes in about 1 2 of a can and then it will not suck in any morealmost like there is a blockage in the system. Your car should be running with the AC on to check the compressor clutch. You should ask for professional help for the refill. Since refrigerant My A C isn 39 t as cold as it used to be what 39 s going on There are nbsp I bought a couple cans of recharge refrigerant but they won 39 t take. Got out and checked under the hood to see if the compressor was working and it stated working and cooling. If there wasn 39 t enough in the system it wouldn 39 t even do that. Mar 24 2014 Yes it is possible the ac compressor doesnt turn on from a relay or a clutch but the low pressure switch will not turn on the compressor unless there is freon above a certain level. If the refrigerant level is low the repair person should look for a refrigerant leak. I got it all vacummed down and found no leaks. If the mobo is telling it to make the compressor run via the PWM data line it sends three phase operating voltage to the compressor. Nov 11 2019 If you turn on your air conditioner and you only get hot air blowing out of the vents even after a couple minutes this is a clear indicator that your AC compressor is failing. 18 Jul 2018 Freon will not go in or charge AC low port automobile . Then you will end up with 1 quart on the low side and 3 quarts on the high side. they should both read the same psi as the ambient temperature a couple of psi. One of the big things is that if your refrigerant line has an ice buildup. Compressor is cycling on. The reasons would be due to bad clutch oil poor ground low pressure lockout a blown fuse or open wire in the oil. The air conditioning is blowing meat locker cold and all is well. As a prerequisite anyone interested in learning how to use a gauge set should first take a few You won 39 t get any cold air but you should should start to see some compressor nbsp Here are the most common reasons your AC compressor won 39 t turn off and The condenser coils dissipate the heat as the refrigerant passes through the coils . Oct 16 2013 The frequency will vary according to how fast the motherboard wants to the compressor to run. I recently converted my 87 4runner over to 134a my compressor clutch engages when I turn the a c on but I could only get a can of oil charge in the system. to 2aIxBey AC Manifold Ga This makes the AC compressor to run on little oil which will result in a defective clutch. with the compressor running and the charge line on the low pressure service port the big line it should charge. So if compressor doesn 39 t engage then the engine will run but you won 39 t get any a c cooling. The valve is controlled in part by signals running around on the CAN bus with all kinds of other nbsp 3 Jun 2017 HI . Too little refrigerant leads to your AC blowing lukewarm or warm air. My 94 Cherokee apparently not great AC systems to begin with seems to be blowing only slightly cool air when AC is on max settings. I 39 m reading online that if the refrigerant is too low the condenser won 39 t suck any from the can. flamesuit on I got a can of 134a with a gauge on the top and went to top off my freeon. Ok is the 100psi with the compressor cycled on or nbsp 21 Aug 2002 I hooked up a can of R134a I know its called suva not freon but what I turned off the car after about a minute cause i got scared of running it When you turn it to the AC the electric fan will come on but the compressor won 39 t. What 39 s the easiest way to figure that out If I pop the hood with the A C off and then turn it on should I hear an audible difference as the compressor kicks in Your AC s capacitor is a device that looks like a small silver can and is located on the compressor the outdoor unit . Be warned that I take no responsibility for any damage you cause by using this technique. It could be as simple as a tripped breaker. Feb 08 2009 It may not be taking any more freon. There is also a compressor clutch fuse in the panel under the hood to check. l Would a code not allow it to run Going by that chart it looks like the pressures are almost dead on maybe low side could be higher but I think the compressor should be running where its at. Now it will have to be a 3rd time. Any advise is appreciated. Section A you can hear the a c compressor running and the fan motor is not turning. Fire your car up and your compressor should kick on when you turn the A C to full and check the pressure again as you may need to add some more 134a. a buzzing sound inside your house while your air conditioner is running but That way you won 39 t do any further damage to your air conditioning unit. Is Your AC Running Short Cycles Keep a close eye out for another symptom called short cycling. Sort of like 2 quarts on the low side and 2 quarts on the high side. Air conditioner compressor is a significant part of any AC unit which is placed outdoor and does the pumping of refrigerant through the system. 4 un plugged the connector wire single black wire going to the Apr 13 2019 Refrigerant s job in the cooling process is to absorb the heat from inside your home and release it outside. So I stopped at Wal Mart and bought a Freon kit came out and hooked it up and it would not take any Freon as it was full. While this is happening I go to the low pressure side of the ac line and push in the shrader valve and leak out the old 134a. The compressor wont turn if the freon levels are too low It has a cutoff so if the freon all escapes the system the compressor wont be damaged. So what is needed is enough extra heat or residual heat to vaporize all the liquid refrigerant before it leaves the evaporator. If so then the main reason the AC system wasn 39 t working is because the former owner let the refrigerant charge get so low that system pressure got real low and prevented the magnetic clutch from activating when She tells me that she doesn 39 t like it so I try to recharge the system. Blown fuse either the high amp fuse to the compressor or the low amp fuse from the dash 2. When AC units run they create condensation which is removed from the unit through a drain line. When the drain line becomes clogged a safety switch trips and shuts down your air conditioner. and then disengages. but most often due to a hole in a connection hoses compressor condenser Once added the technician will run the air conditioning and using a blacklight This issue isn 39 t as clear cut as hot air coming through the vents. The low side stays warm but the compressor does come on. Blower motor and fan issues. Jul 03 2011 If the compressor is turning and the system is charged and it still won 39 t blow cold you need a new compressor. That 39 s the first sign of low refrigerant is short cycling. Apr 27 2015 AC compressor won t run Why doesn t my car AC compressor run If the A C in your car isn t working the first step is to see if the compressor runs when the turn on the A C and the engine. Checked pressures high side is 100 low side is vacuum about 20 inches. The heat works fine but the ac isn 39 t running. Even if it turns on it is unlikely to function properly. The truck doesn 39 t have a sticker on it but it should take at least 3lbs . The clutch engages and it cycles if I bypass the switch and everything and just run power straight to the battery. won 39 t come on. The pressure switch shouldnt be the issue because the pressures are ok. Getting your AC up and running again may be easier than you think. If you ve gone through the above DIY steps and your AC system is still not cooling the problem could be leaking refrigerant Freon or a failed compressor unit. Refrigerant shortages If your A C unit doesn 39 t have enough refrigerant it may not nbsp 9 Jul 2016 Which means that if it is low then your unit will not properly cool your home. Your compressor does not have a sump like your engine does it relies on the proper volume of refrigerant in the system to push the refrigerant oil back to the compressor. Give the freon can a shake every few minutes. Re ac not cooling but freon full and compressor working. While there are a variety of reasons your Dodge Caravan air conditioning won 39 t work the most common 3 are a refrigerant leak an electrical climate control issue or a problem with the air conditioning compressor. May 21 2017 You will need a set of AC pressure gauges to check the following. The reason for this is that the air conditioner is designed for a very specific refrigerant charge and when that charge drops it upsets the general operation of the AC. But a couple things I 39 d do if it 39 s reluctant to take freon try immersing the can into a bucket of hot water while you are adding the freon. If the refrigerant cannot circulate through the air conditioning system because of a bad compressor then it is not going to create the cool air that you want. It appears to have refrigerant as the low side pressure line is cold. Common A C Problems A C Blowing Warm Air No pressure or low refrigerant levels in the A C System Compressor Clutch Freon R134a leaks A C compressor not engaging. I have a four door 97 Tahoe with only AC in the front. What are the causes of compressor overheating and how to fix it High Head Pressure This can be caused by dirty condenser coils a bad condenser fan motor a recirculation of air back into the coils improper rotation of the condenser fan non condensibles air nitrogen or other gas and an overcharge of the refrigeration system. Fourth when you lose refrigerant you usually use oil. You won t experience lack of cooling until you have lost 40 of your refrigerant. Jul 15 2020 An air conditioning system won t work if it is low on refrigerant. May 04 2017 After that it squeezes the gaseous refrigerant into a condenser. Ever wonder how shops can put refrigerant in without the car running AC machines use an internal pump to put Freon in a car s system. A full tank usually lasts for a few years depending on how often you run the AC. The EPA also does not require that leak repairs be done before refrigerant is added although states and or localities can require this so it 39 s good to check. 3lbs. During healthy operation your compressor should only ever receive refrigerant in the form of a superheated gas NOT a cold liquid. Low pressure side around 100 psi so no wonder the can can 39 t deliver the goods. Jun 23 2012 Please help I am at my wits end. You may have to refill the bucket with warm water again as the freon will chill it quickly. Jun 17 2016 HVAC Troubleshooting Why Your AC Unit is Not Cooling. I noticed that the compressor comes on for about 2secs. If the compressor is not running the pressure in the system will be the same or Won 39 t pull in any refrigerant if it isn 39 t running. I repeat it won 39 t take any new freon at all. Possible Causes There are several reasons for a compressor to run too hot including high compression ratio high return gas temperatures and lack of external cooling. 7 Jun 2008 If the compressor is not running then the freon is not getting past the compressor and filling the system. If your blower motor is not producing enough air for your system or the fan is running at a low speed that can cause the system to lose enough efficiency to make it run too much. Sometimes though these capacitors fail after a power outage because they receive a surge of electricity when the power comes back on. A C or Heat Pump Fan Condenser Unit Fan diagnostic questions amp answers FAQs Questions amp answers help diagnose problems with the air conditioner or heat pump condenser unit fan fans that won 39 t start running won 39 t stop running hum click buzz or run intermittently utlimately lead to loss of heating or cooling. But there are times the air conditioner will not blow cold air even after recharging the system. You may need two fans side by side. Once you have verified it is running in cool warm water coil you can tell if it is overcharged by letting it run for say 10 15 min If you feel the compressor while running and find it cold to the hand Then shut it off amp get a qualified honest guy out to remove some freon Don 39 t run the system in either cooling or heating with a cold Home AC Compressor Cost. But if it 39 s still in a vacuum or no pressure dump a little freon into the high side. When an AC compressor won t turn on the process can t begin. Apr 21 2020 After all regardless of the brand or model you use the AC won t run without snags all its life. The refrigerant starts out in a gaseous form in the compressor. I started the jeep up and allowed it to run with ac engaged. Check for T he P ower Jul 17 2020 Regular change of filter or AC service can however solve this problem. Aug 19 2014 A good cleaning using professional products and tools will take care of this problem. Then look at the front of the compressor clutch. The belt for the compressor starts squeaking when I turn on either the ac or the heat. When refrigerant levels are low the unit could end up overheating and prematurely failing your compressor causing the need to replace the compressor or even the entire condensing unit. Problem 3 A bad compressor The compressor is the core of your AC system. So I added some and the compressor stayed on like it should with MAX AC and full blower and I filled it up to the specified pressure it should be. The inverter does not need 20 to 25 minutes before it energizes. The kit you get will only let you put it on the low presure line. Both the pulley and the clutch should be spinning. The compressor IS kicking on. Jun 13 2007 When the compressor stopped it went up when it went on it went down. If your air conditioner is not working the problem can often be pinpointed to the HVAC compressor. bigguy05641. Evaced the system held 30 for 45 minutes. There is a relationship between the pressure in a closed AC system compressor not running and temperature. I don 39 t know if the compressor is bad or if it 39 s just low on freon type stuff. May 26 2018 The refrigerant contains oil for lubricating the compressor and so a leak usually causes an oily spot. Let me know if you have questions. When you have a running compressor but your air conditioning unit is not producing cool air there are potentially a number of things that could be causing this problem. May 19 2010 AC just quit cooling suddenly. Getting ready to evac and recharge AC. When your vehicle 39 s AC system develops a refrigerant fluid leak it can be nbsp 15 Aug 2017 If you suspect your AC compressor may be failing learn the air conditioning system responsible for pressurizing refrigerant so it can At this point you don 39 t want to fool around with it call in an HVAC If the condenser does appear to be running but the system is blowing warm air that 39 s also a symptom nbsp But a persistent hissing or whistling sound could be a sign of a refrigerant Hissing could also be an indicator that the pressure inside of your air compressor is too high. It sounds like the compressor is kicking on when Max AC is pushed but no r 134 is leaving the can via the service port. to check it disconnect the 2 wire connector use a paper clip to jump between the 2 wires. 1 Aug 2011 Diagnosing the reason that your air conditioning isn 39 t whether the problem is one that you can fix yourself or if you need to take it to a repair shop. Replacing a vehicle A C compressor will set you back about nbsp And you don 39 t want to hear the cliche take it to a qualified Porsche technician . Freon is federally regulated and The reason for this is that the air conditioner is designed for a very specific refrigerant charge and when that charge drops it upsets the general operation of the AC. I put about 37 ounces of freon so it should be ok. Frozen Evaporator Coils Apr 06 2017 Take a look at the front of the compressor clutch to see whether it as well as the pulley are spinning or not. When the refrigerant is still locating in a compressor it is often seen as the beginning part of an air conditioning cycle. The compressor is a pump that compresses the refrigerant Freon that 39 s sealed in the window air conditioner. This level will not lower over the air conditioner 39 s lifetime unless it develops a leak. A bad HVAC Start or Run capacitor will not start a compressor and will nbsp . Parts and labor each make up about 50 of the price. Many factors could be at play such as too cold outside refrigerant doesn 39 t flow so well at cold temps. Why you won t run out of refrigerant Refrigerant doesn t supply energy to the air conditioner. Turn the air conditioning controls to MAX AC and start the engine. May 08 2014 The life force of your air conditioner is its compressor which gets cooled down and lubricated by refrigerant. Apr 30 2019 Many of us come to a conclusion that if the vehicle 39 s AC fails to blow crisp cool air the cause is a malfunctioning AC Compressor. May 30 2016 HVAC Troubleshooting How to Fix An HVAC Compressor That Won t Turn On. Also try using a leak detection kit to check if your air conditioning system is leaking in which case you 39 ll need to take it in for repairs. If that 39 s the pressure just sitting there then the temperature underhood is about a tad less than 80 degrees F. Most HVAC systems don t detect the presence of the refrigerant and so will happily run without it. Now I have freon but i cannot get the A C to cycle it through so the clutch will engage. 13 Apr 2012 The AC is blowin hot air only and the compressor won 39 t kick on. It s time to troubleshoot an air conditioner for a faulty or broken condensing unit when you notice issues like Nov 27 2017 Start the engine turn the AC on MAX connect the the can of refrigerant open the valve on the can and when enough refrigerant gets into the system the compressor will run for a short time. Please don 39 t use one of those gauges that come on the AC refill bottles because they are not accurate enough for what we need. Refrigerant is something entirely different from an energy source. Then decide what to too. A nbsp 25 Sep 2019 Learn why your window air conditioner is running but not cooling at Sears possible causes include a failed compressor or the lack of refrigerant due to a If the compressor isn 39 t running but the fans work the start relay or nbsp zero or 460o F. This is because your AC unit will run for longer periods of time to try and cool it is low on Freon on it would take much longer for it to accomplish that which The compressor is not made to compress liquids only gas and if it is nbsp 20 Sep 2012 If your A C isn 39 t cooling your house even though it 39 s running you should first check Next take a look at the condenser to see if it 39 s dirty or blocked. Static pressure will give you a good idea if the system has enough freon to tell the compressor to turn on. One of the most common AC temperature problems is low refrigerant. How to Add Freon to A C system and manually Engage your AC Compressor Clutch. be tested with multi meters that have the ability to read microfarads or you can take your capacitor and your Know the part you are looking for but can 39 t find it No more burning smell Outside fan is still running but a. Howdy AC in my 2007 Sienna isn 39 t working. If not then it 39 s time to call in a pro. will run fine for about 30 mins and kicks off for a while then starts working again The outside fan will be running with out the compressor running. Its function is to circulate refrigerant through a series of Onlines that allow it to remove heat from your vehicles cabin. I had the freon checked today and its full. 7. May 17 2011 put 2 pressure gauges on your car. Would like to see trouble shooting tips on this type problem. If I bypass the switch nothing happens at all though. Your A C unit likely has two different breakers one for the condenser and another for the fan. Again NEVER open up the high side valve if there 39 s any pressure over there. Fuse BTW German A C compressors don 39 t continually engage and disengage like other cars. The metering device could be clogged or bad maybe a dirty coil or filter maybe the blower isn 39 t running. Solution. There are also times where you can fix it yourself. Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs A Freon Recharge May 28 2018 My girlfriend 39 s 2008 Ford Focus is blowing warm and won 39 t suck any refrigerant. I don 39 t know how long this will last but hopefully I won 39 t have to refill it again this season. Other brands of R 22 refrigerant gas are made by other manufacturers. Cause 4 Undersized air conditioner. When the AC has less refrigerant than normal it will start losing its cooling power and worse troubles are ahead such as a potentially ruined compressor. If the fan still won t start call a pro the fixes shown here won t work. The outside fan works great. Hello I 39 ve got a problem with my wife 39 s Yukon. If the high side has any pressure at all DO NOT OPEN THE HIGH SIDE VALVE. The reason your air conditioner won 39 t turn on could be because the condensate drain line is clogged. l Compressor ELECTRONIC CONTRO L l Wiring Fan operates compressor l Overload will not come on does not l Compressor hum . Jul 21 2010 My car will not accept any freon in the system. Read more on refrigerant leaks. My ac will not take freon Asked by Peggyprinz Mar 28 2015 at 07 25 PM about the 2008 Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie Quad Cab RWD. 3. The first and most obvious thing to do when your compressor won t start is to make sure that the unit is receiving power. It does what it 39 s told by the motherboard. The volume of air blowing through it is Jul 20 2016 I had a mechanic try to charge the system but it won 39 t take any freon actually he says the system has a good amount in it already I think he said 80 to 90 lbs. You probably need to add freon. Your air conditioner wont take any freon high side and low side dont seem to have any freon in the system you Mechanics recommend you run your AC compressor at least 10 minutes a month during Check to see if your AC compressor is turning If it is then you need to refil system with freon equivalent thru the low pressure port. It was blowing warm air so I quot evacuated quot the system and then put a vacuum on it with an actual vacuum pump instead of using an air compressor and that red mickey mouse vacuum conversion pump thingie like I tried before vacuumed it for 25 minutes then shut off the valves and let it sit there for 30 minutes. System has freon in it. If the compressor doesn 39 t run when activated have a refrigerator service technician replace it by law an EPA licensed technician must do this repair because it involves Freon. My car has 234565 miles. I tried to put some in but it wont take anything. Make sure enough air is flowing through the condenser. It was working find but now nothin7. Apr 10 2017 How does a clutch compressor work To utilize the AC on your car on demand the clutch compressor is activated. I follow the instructions AC on high full blast check the pressure on the low pressure valve and apply as needed. Be sure the compressor is running. Check for Power. Remember that Freon doesn 39 t fade it leaks away. The AC nbsp 4 May 2017 Bear in your mind that there are only so many things for a daily When the refrigerant is still locating in a compressor it is often seen as the beginning How a Professional Technician Troubleshoot a Problem with The AC C ompressor Therefore a technician who comes to your home would take into nbsp 14 Mar 2014 I went to put it in and it won 39 t accept any freon. It won 39 t cycle unless the pressure drops below 24 PSI so if you have a gauge you can check it. My method of getting 12 volts to the clutch is by shoving A wire into the compressor clutch connector and running it around to the battery. Might want to run engine up to about 1400 rpm also during charging. Worn out compressor The compressor is the heart of your vehicle 39 s air conditioning system. This set costs about 35. Front ac fans are not engaging and compressor clutch is not either. I can try to disconnect the wires leading to nbsp 12 Mar 2013 If your air conditioner won 39 t turn on there are a number of steps that you Wiring problems Problems with the wiring in your unit or the wiring that runs Keeping your compressor clean can help to prevent these problems. If that 39 s a low side reading while compressor is engaged it strongly suggests you are low on refrigerant. ac compressor running but won t take freon