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20 meter wire beam

20 meter wire beam The Antenna Farm HF 6 Meter Beam Antennas VHF amp UHF Mobile Radios Radio Accessories VHF amp UHF Hand Held Radios Antennas Mobile Antenna Mounts SWR Power Meters Adapters Coaxial Cable Two Way Accessories Antenna Accessories DC Power Supplies Coax Cable Accessories Connectors Aviation Radios Repeater Systems Towers amp Accessories Duplexers Diplexers amp Triplexers VHF amp UHF Base Stations Base I lived in Florida and had a 60 foot tower with a tribander at the top and a 12 element two meter beam above that. 5 F B ratio dB 21 Frequency coverage MHz 14. Any antenna tuned for 80 Meters should also work on 20 and 10 meters as well. This is a perfect antenna for those who have limited yard Best of all you can erect this by yourself with a little planning. 15. Two Bands Half Sloper for 80m 40m 42 67. Plus side many However on 20 meters this antenna appeared to perform similar to a dipole 0. You would have gain from the North Greece area all the way around to Rush and would reduce the VE3 repeaters by a couple or 3 quot S quot units. 8 meters 26 feet above the ground will yield a 20 meter pattern similar to Figure 3A. And later 40m. 2MHz 28. when operating at 10 15 or 20 meters on an antenna that is an electrical half wavelength on 80 meters. 1. It worked okay but not great. Go to the Azmuth Plot to see an EZNEC graph of an 80 meter antenna 100 feet in the air. The G5RV antenna on 20 meters is over three times as long tree half wave lengths as a ordinary dipole with a feed point impedance of about 100 ohms. Even at 22 feet wide and approximately 5 feet tall it has a smaller turning radius than a two element 20 meter Yagi and offers several enhanced operating characteristics. Height from ground was If the spreaders and the 20 meter wire elements are in the correct positions each dimension from center post to the 20 meter element and between each spreader end will be close to 128 inches. 5 inches 4cm . I had a great idea that a full 5 element 20 meter beam in a fixed direction might reach Europe Some day when the Sun Spots are helping the Ionisphere. 6 meter driven element wire. W5GI Mystery Antenna is a multi band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software. 234. Click on the quot show more 39 box below for full nbsp 22 Oct 2017 20 Meter Moxon Beam. Hex beam pattern This is an EZNEC radiation pattern of a 20 meter hex beam 30 feet above ground. maximum spacing between the 20 meter driven element and the reflector of just under 7 feet. 3 1 or less across the 17 meter band. 25m of 12 AWG solid copper bare wire. 0 from the bottom of the band through 3. just WIRE FIRE 3 el wire yagi for 21 MHz. This shortened easy to build vertical with no radials is made from surplus military camouflage poles. I assembled the beam again and put it back up on the mast. All three elements are hung on a 3 8 quot rope boom strung between the two towers at 100 feet 30 meters . The boom and supports are aluminum tubing. 5 feet 20 through 10 meters then this is the project for you. 13 1846 10D. 7 meters. Aug 11 2019 Slide 5 spreaders on the wire using 4 of them easing them all the way down to the other end. The 20m beam looked great and then I got to thinking about putting traps on the beam to get it to work dual band on 20 30m. 50 DL20DX Full size Delta Loop for 20 meters 51. 811. Irish I wanted to take advantage of the space available in the nbsp Building A Simple Wire Beam Antenna by. 94 dB also the beam width has narrowed giving more rejection on the sides but forming lobes towards the rear. 1 meters 30 feet is overlaid for comparison. 50 DL17DX Full size Delta Loop for 17 meters 48. Forward Gain 20m AGL 11. Yagi builders strive to have the antenna s input impedance at 50 ohms to match the 50 ohm coaxial cable. My garage is 55 feet long about 35 feet wide. 61. 38. Aug 06 2015 This wire should typically be 3 4 dB down from that of a full size 1 4 wave 80 meter vertical when used with the same ground rod. Fortunately however the performance of the Vee Beam is not very sensitive to changes in the included Rick I can see where keeping a 20 meter moxon symmetrical would be a PITA if in a windy QTH. Here the maximum lobe is between 10 and 60 in elevation. These antennas are placed 10 and 20 meters above the ground. If you have limited space for antennas and want to work DX on 20 meters this one can be an option. Add the Inverted V wire beam on 20 meter band. Separate tables are provided for wire that is insulated by pvc and wire that is bare. by Dave Robbins KY1H. This was satisfactory. The Balun. erglass or PVC. 308 f MHz L meters and a chosen frequency of 28. The Cushcraft D3 antenna weights only 9 pounds. us. Use a reference dipole to A B compare the f b and if desired move the WHOLE beam 39 s element lengths up or down the band as a unit. 65 Inverted V Beam Antenna for 30m. 180 Mhz and has a bandwidth of 60 kHz SWR lt 1 2 A Yagis to cover the entire span of 20 and 15 meters and at least the first megahertz of 10 meters. They are very compact with a very short turning radius. Horizontal crossarms are broken by insulators to minimize coupling to the antenna. 3 dBd or the HF5B beam described below. Since I don 39 t have a 40M beam up yet the thought occurred that a wire beam might be helpful during the contest. All elements nbsp Basically a moxon rectangle is a 50 ohm two element wire beam antenna. For the reflector I added The first beam was installed and tested on the W 51 tower of W6SR. 5 1 or less VSWR. 3. 0 sold 1 available. An alternative and much neglected two element Yagi design uses a driver and a single director. For low power operation almost any air variable capacitor of at least 30 pf can be used to resonate on the 30 or 20 meter band. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. Drill a 5 32 hole about 1 from the coil end of each leg through the 1 PVC and the PVC and the dowel. Gain 5. PC4U 40 meter shortened hexbeam on top of the 6 bander hexbeam 40 meter shortened hexbeam above the 20 meter Hexbeam The antenna is designed on a resonance frequency of 7. ZL Special Beam Antenna for 15m 41 65. 20m Elevated Vertical Antenna G8ODE. 0 or less from 7. Free shipping. DX EE No Trap 40 20 15 10 meter dipole or inverted V. Front to Back Ratio 25 dB. 35 MHz you can use a few algebraic formulas to compute antenna sizes. With the base plate at a working height of 10m EZNEC shows the 15m element has increased its forward gain from 9. WTB 3 element 10 meter beam ant. For the aluminum 20 meter Moxon the length A is 25 39 and the overall width E is 9 39 . The Van Gorden wire dipoles have factory installed balums. 20 meter Dipole Antennas 21 20 meter Vertical Antennas 11 20 meter Yagi antennas 18 Most Popular. 37. The SE 20M 20 Meter Moxon Beam covers 14. The MOXGEN utility can calculate all wire or all tubing elements. New HexBeam from MFJ delivers solid gain and directivity on 40 30 20 17 15 12 10 and 6 Meters in a low profile package that will have yourpocketbook and your neighbors smiling The MFJ 1848 uses an updated G3TXQ element configuration for excellentgain improved bandwidth superior front to back ratio and low SWR It has two opposite ends to attach the wire to using bolts. Computer modeling by W6SR confirmed that an effective 2 element beam on an 11. 12 The above dimensions are for inverted vees. Depending on the diameter of the radiator element tubing wire and nbsp 31 Jul 2011 In this video I show you a lightweight two element mono band beam for use on the 20 metre band. DX LB Low Band Dipole Covers 160 80 40 meters with an overall length of only 100 ft. I was impressed enough to decide to make them and offer them up to the public. It uses 14 7 22 stranded hard drawn copper wire to meet the requirements of the National Electrical Code and have the best radiation efficiency. Turns are counted by the number of times the wire passes through the toroid center. The gain for the yagi would be more as spacing of the elements helps with the gain of the yagi. I connected my MFJ 259B antenna analyzer to the co axial cable and the resonance was mea sured at 14. 004. 40m 2 element Wire Beam Parasitic Phased Array Conversion Updating the 4th Generation 20 565 419 348 389 352 15 24 184 111 72 141 3 Feb 06 2006 So I am looking into other ways to get more 4 less oomph out of home brewing a beam. This is a basic balun for a wire antenna and it worked great for the flagpole Amidon 200 2 Core 22g wire Plastic Box Screws Nuts Washers SO239 Connector The antenna is of quality construction. 0 48 9. Aug 28 2013 Using the general formula for a 5 8 wavelength vertical antenna 585 f MHz L ft 178. This brings the whole loop to assume a full wave delta loop which will resonate at 14 MHz 20 meters . Pedestrian 5 Band Mobile Antenna From W3FF Petlowany Three Band Burner Antenna Trapless short vertical antenna Resonant on 20 15 and 10 meters without traps 12 and 17M with a tuner. Let 39 s redesign the antenna by making one simple change increase the wire size to 2 quot in diameter. 28 meters. 5 12 It might appear from the table that the Vee Beam is not a good choice for a multi band antenna since the optimum included angle will be different for each band. 7 39 long. And so unlike the regular Yagis which use trap coils to operate on multiple bands the Hex Beam design just utilizes separate wire sets for each band. 8 dbd on 6 meters. 0 dBd. End Fed Monoband Inverted Vee Beam. S. Cushcraft A 4S Four Element Beam Antenna for 10 15 amp 20 Meters. BETTER the 39 first 39 output file. Antennas for 20 Meters Antenna 20 meters Range 14. kb0hnr was over recently. THE HALF SIZE 20M YAGI. Mark a quot center quot line at the 12 quot inch mark and space the holes for your corner quot L quot brackets on the back side of the base plate so the boom will attach 3. 9. Evenly space windings the width of the wire. 2 MHz 2 9 14. 20 meter reflector wire. If using flat elements then increase all element lengths by 2. The purpose of this project is to design a simple multiband vertical dipole antenna for 20 meters and above with a tuner that will provide gain and a Non resonant antennas can produce a complex radiation pattern with sharp peaks and nulls e. 51 dB to 16. Further development yielded an Upgrade to a 5 Band Beam 20 17 15 12 10m The basic design principle remains the same. I routinely use 300 lb. 1 mHz you need to increase length by 4 . 1MHz. Broadband Terminated Vee Beam Wire Antenna TEN TEC Model 3402 and 3403 1. Assembling the 20 Meter Antenna Matchbox For the popular 20 meter band a suitable inductor can be made with 26 turns of enamel coated 22 copper wire wound on a T80 2 toroid as pictured on the lower left. The beam is fed at the nbsp The SR 3 A 6 element tribander HF Super compact Contest Yagi covering the 20m 15m 10m bands with a SR 3 TRI BAND HF YAGI 10 15 20 METERS 6EL 5kW MFJ 1982MP END FED 1 2 WAVE 80 10M 300W WIRE ANTENNA nbsp Construction of an East facing 20m beam made from wires supported on both The MFJ 269 Null Meter showed this Freq SWR loop back length 13. 9 16. Without Radials . 1 . One and perhaps the simpler is to use self supporting elements of aluminum tubing as shown in the example in Fig. Transformer Wire Magnet Wire as a a Light Weight Antenna Wire Hidden Stealth Antenna. The gain is around 4 dBd on 40 mtrs but it will seem much higher due to the very low angle radiation pattern. Elements made from 35 to 12mm tube. The third wire has little effect on the radiation pattern at higher frequencies 14 MHz and up but allows the use of a single terminating resistor at the center of the wire thus dispensing with the need for ground rods. It is easy to detect the change in background noise when rotating the antenna towards the sun. 50 MHz nbsp The boom and supports are aluminum tubing. 20 Feb 2017 Ideal 1 Build a wire 20m yagi using a combination of about 4m of 50mm tubing on each end for a total boom length of around 5. 40 meter Delta Loop Joe on 21st Oct 2016 I recently purchase a 40 meter Delta Loop from Chris and received the antenna few days later after the purchase I hung up the antenna in less than one hour in configuration C I hook up my antenna analyzer after the installation and I was Very surprise is flat 1 1 on the entire 40 meter band 20 meter was about 1 2 on the top edge of the band and the In theory the Vee beam can be terminated by connecting a third wire across the open ends. The station will In the vertical beam or dipole the 1 4 wave element may be effectively broken tion of the antenna may work properly and the 15 and 20 meter portion of the removal of these seals will expose a wire which is terminated to the end of the. . 8 cm apart. Dipoles are widely used on bands like 80 metres 40 metres 20 metres 15 metres and 10 metres where they can provide excellent levels of performance. 67 Half Sloper Antenna for 160m. It consists of I have built 5 or 6 different moxons now for 10 15 17 and 20 meters. They can be shortened for operation on 17 15 12 or 10 meter bands as well. The most common HF Yagi today is a three element design a reflector a driven element and a director that works on three popular ham bands 20 15 and 10 meters and so is called a tri bander. The spacing between tail ends C is 0. Antenna performance and 2 1 VSWR bandwidth is site dependent and varies with height above ground and surrounding objects. Maximum SWR at any freq. The Van Gorden D 20 20 meter wire dipole measures 33 feet in length. 068 Mc to 18. Measure 206 11 16 inches from the end of each wire and cut the wires to this length. 59 feet 6. It points East West. 71 Tower Pole as a Vertical Antenna for 80m. Build a wire dual band DX Dipole or Yagi antenna system here. I like the relay idea good stable mount no expense for a rotor and two directions with gain and rejection. Hexbeam by K4KIO Product Reviews eHam. for the 20 17 15 12 10 meter band ref. 0 42 10. Heavy Duty construction that allows 80 MPH wind survival with 1 2 quot radial ice yet light enough to be turned with a light duty TV rotor. Using my auto tuner this antenna will load easily with minimal SWR readings across the entire 20 meter band. Full size Delta Loop for 12 meters 45. 5 285 views5. The towers were 66 feet high and spaced about 150 feet apart. 8 54 or 3. VEE BEAM ANTENNAS. Fig. Its gain nbsp 17 Apr 2014 BARS 6 meter net Tuesdays 7 PM on. Half Sloper Antenna for 160m 41 66. monofilament fish line and gear for antennas. Keep positions on boom the same. 9 16 A 20 meter ZL Special mounted on a 32 foot 20 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 80 Meter Wire Moxon Rectangle 6 dB RDF 100 degree beam width 500 700 feet long 10 11 dB RDF 70 degree beam width Further development yielded an Upgrade to a 5 Band Beam 20 17 15 12 10m The basic design principle remains the same. 5 feet 3. 2 MHZ just as its associated chart states. Description. 0 16 4. The electrical designs are devised to BELDEN H155 50 OHM COAXIAL CABLE nbsp 27 Mar 2020 A full size dipole antenna for the 20 mtr band spans about 10 meters 33 ft . Material list 47 foot of wire I used 12 gage stranded copper with coating but any would suffice any scrap piece of Plexiglas 4 quot square or larger. I have constructed a 20 meter wire beam on top of my garage. 9. I built one for 10 meters a while back. 69 Linear Loaded Sloper Antenna for 160m. quot The KJ5VW 20 Meter Mini Yagi Stage 3 Attach the beam elements to a base plate 1. A vertical tends to be more noisy than a horizontal wire and 80 meters is a noisy band during the day. The BR Series is available in 4 different sensing modes making it practical for a wide variety of applications. L2 a shorting stub wire . Antennas and 6 Vertical 75 40 20 15 10 meter Bands. Insulation with Ring Terminals attached and Wire Guides nbsp The best are of course bulky displaying a wingspan that can reach 10 meters for wire beams. 2 MHz WB4AKA I have used this type of antenna on 20 and 10 meters effectively for http www. 13. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. Use our simple calculator to determine approximate dimensions of materials needed to build a 3 element Yagi Uda antenna and then shop for your needs on our other pages and select from our inventory of aluminum fiberglass coax connectors and other parts and accessories for amateur radio and other radio applications. I think it had about 5 dBi gain with front to back ranging from 12dB to over 20 dB depending on frequency dipole has 2. 350 Mc. Multiband Wire Antennas Focus is on the Hex Beam . 11 16 Analysis and construction of a four element 20 meter quad beam Update on the Pfeiffer Quad System QST September 2001 pp. Dipoles are one of the simplest antennas to build or construct and erect for the HF amateur radio bands and on top of this they can be very effective. 000 14. The antenna gave up almost 4 dB of antenna gain for a 60 foot height change on a 40 meter antenna moving it into the gain range of a simple small extended double Zepp wire antenna. 24 26 10 15 or 20 meter two element wire beam. 998. 3 feet total length. The Real quot ZL Special quot ARRL Antenna Book Ninth Edition p. 5 on the 10 12 15 20 and 40 meter bands. We had a 59 contact into MA on 20m and were able to check into the 3905 net on 40 meters. 20M 4. F B gt 20 dB peak. Inverted V Beam Antenna for 30m 40 64. High Performance 40 Meters Vertical . I could just use a 1 1 balun and This calculator is designed to give the critical information of a particular beam antenna in this case a three element Yagi for the frequency chosen. 75 Ohm Feedline 40 meter 2 ele Loaded Yagi. Pole installation One person can easily quot walk up quot the pole by pressing the bottom against a rock tree car or ground anchor or having a second person hold it. NA4RR Hexagonal Beam Antenna Based On The G3TXQ Broadband Design 6 Band hexagonal beam antenna covering 6 10 12 15 17 and 20 meter bands shipped to your door for only 600 540 60 shipping The NA4RR Hexagonal Beam commonly referred to as the hex beam is a popular antenna based on the G3TXQ design. I contacted AL7AC in and for my final state of Alaska for W orked A ll S tates on the 20m looper and N8S in a pile up at Swain 39 s Island on my full wave 17m resonate copper triangle. It has been specially developed as a highly efficient antenna for portable use a DXpeditioner 39 s dream. Specifications Forward gain in free space dBi 8. The antennas are feeded with the DK7ZB match. I took the prototype from the EZNEC library which has a file for a conventional horizontal tubing Yagi using dimensions obtained from the ARRL Antenna book. Although this Before getting on 80m though I built my phase one 40m loop which worked great and I was happy on 40 20 15 and 10m. 50. The the 20 meter J pole to augment their DX antenna arrays. 35 MHz Good 20 meters antennas are easy to build with nothing more than readily available materials. Sep 15 2015 Hybrid Quad Antenna Electrical Specifications Operating Bands 10 15 20 Meters Forward Gain Ref. 75 meters and a turning radius of is a pure 2 Element Yagi the Optibeam OBW10 5 10 is a wire antenna and the nbsp I started off with about 6 metres of wire per element with 15 turns on each bottle and cut them bit by bit until the antenna analyzer showed it resonant at 14. 3 . Instructions to add 80 meters to the NB6Zep are found here. To figure the wire length in feet use the formula 468 divided by the frequency in MHz. 80M 3 40M 4 and the 20M 15M 10M 6 element monobanders offer the ultimate in performance with no compromises. I ve learned to make my own but buying the insulator is still the best method. 64 Dual Band Sloper Antenna. I wanted Small is a relative term a 20 meter Vertical Moxon is indeed a big antenna. A mix of wire and tubing needs to done somewhat experimentally. e. One vertical element 1 4 wave is fed at the top where it is attached to a SO 239. 9 13 5. Balun included in the box. 50 DL30DX Full size Delta Loop for 30 meters 56. P Front to Back Ratio 12 to 17 dBd Input Impedance Single 50 Ohm HF Yagi HEXX Beam and Rotatable Antennas Choose from top brand HF Yagi HEXX beam and other rotatable antennas to meet your high frequency needs. For each pair of inside legs insert dowels as stiffeners between two of the inside legs at the non coil end through the boom end T. 95 KT34M2 10 15 20 Meters 60M1FS 60 METER FL DIPOLE 40 20M 3 5 Dual Band 40 20 Meter FG4020M35. 20 17 15 12 10 Meter Wire Driven Element Sets 14 Copper Stranded Wire with Black PVC. Place a 1 1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. The driver tail B is 3. The antenna has been tested to withstand 100 pounds of strain over time without breaking. 5 foot boom could be constructed from 20 meter antenna parts. Qty. Make the coil inside diameter about 1. 7MHz below SWR 1. 030 MHz and the impedance was 34 . The larger the wire the wider the bandwidth. 3 Mhz. 73 K4EEZ The KJ5VW 20 Meter Mini Yagi Imitation it is said is the sincerest form of flattery so let me begin by pointing to the direct source of my inspiration for building this antenna. dx4. 50 DL40DX Full size Delta Loop for 40 meters 63. 500 MHz 4 copper wires feet basic parameters Hgt 150 height of boom Len 65 length of elements boom 22 half length of boom slope 30 58 drop per length of wire slope 50 58 run per length of wire calculated parameters btm Hgt Len slope height of bottom of 20 meter Moxon Beam that covers 14 to 14. I ve been looking for something that would work on 20 and 10 meters as well and maybe 40 meters. By John Portune W6NBC . THROW AWAY YOUR ANTENNA TUNER Models 3402 and 3403 are broadband terminated vee beam wire antennas. This antenna works as a Full Wave Loop on 80 Meters and also works as a 2 wavelength open loop or Bi Square on the 40 Meter band. Because of the size and light construction this antenna is also ideal for portable use. I picked up a chassis mount SO 239 from Radio Shack and used an old plastic cutting board from the kitchen for the insulators and mount for the 239. Because of the foregoing condition the helices of The 9 1 UnUN and antenna wire together only weigh about 7. A quarter wave choke of coax is grounded at the socket. 6 Element 6M Beam. Concepts to Consider Classic Hex with special 20 meter design Less than 16 ft diameter vs 19. May 16 2020 A hex beam for 20 10 meters is about 22 feet in diameter and weighs just under 30 pounds. The next graph shows the SWR plot for this antenna. An Analysis and Comparison of 19 Wire Horizontal. However unlike the Optibeam 40 meter antenna our 17 meter Moxon is not loaded. Overall length is 40 ft. 10 Meter HF Stealth Portable End Fed Wire Antenna 20 Meter Half Wave Dipole Antenna The model file used for the beam. It 39 s small and easy to install and rotate. A Space Saving 80 meter antenna is found here. But a hex beam for 40 meters is about 41 feet in diameter and weighs probably 45 pounds. 2 mHz to 50. Dipole 10M 6. It is a handful to handle. The Super Zep is an elegant multi band wire beam found here. as my 2 element 80 meter wire beam which is only 10 meters 33 feet above the ground . Boom Assembled Motor Unit for 6 20 Meter Antennas Boom Assembled Motor Unit for 6 40 Meter Antennas Here 39 s garden variety 3 element wire Yagi designed for 20 meters 14. 1 46. 7 . Pictures and plans of a 4 elements nbsp KLM 20M 6 6 ELEMENT MONOBAND BEAM ANTENNA FOR 20 METERS 5 kW p. 3 1 or less VSWR when setup for 17 meter operation as well. 35 dBi and the FB from 16. The dipole was made from excess 18awg speaker wire attached to an SO 239. This obviously gives you something to attach the wire legs to as well as the coax. Think about that. g. Nominal Input Impedance 50 Ohm. The quot Lowbander 39 s quot One Antenna Farm 586 355 bytes PDF file Sep 06 2020 Wire beam for field days activity ham radio site short 40 30 20m antenna 2 element single mast wire beam with 4 dk7zb 2 element yagis for shortwave antenna for 40 meters Aug 12 2013 Now I wanted to build a similar antenna for 20 Meters one of my favorite DX bands. Continuous wire loops with no stubs are used for each element. Remember theideal loop is a perfect circle it 39 s not too hard to make an 8 sided loopfor 20 meters using PVC pipe and some dacron rope to hold it rigid. Shortened element with high Q loading coils. In the case of the five band 20 through 10 meter quad the driven and reflector arms each support five concentric wire loops. Either of these dipoles will provide excellent communications. 50ft. I think a 20 meter 3 element beam has something like 8dBi than my wire that has little or no Gain in dBi if you have any advice info please post here or email me My QRZ info is good Thank you for the time. My friend K0RU is a wire beam crazy nut and convinced me that a 20m wire v shaped yagi would likely fit. The N9TAX 2 Meter Ladder Line Slim Jim Antenna Review 20 METER PORTABLE GROUND PLANE 10 AND 12 METER WIRE BEAM The Carolina Beam now called CAROLINA WINDOM Short is about as simple to 15 meters As with 20 meters this band was quite variable. 0 56 9. The I made mine from 10. 5 feet. 0 14. When the pair of pigtails is transferred to terminals B the Bterminals are open and the loop assumes an inverted V dipole in delta loop configuration. A Cubical Quad for 20 Meters QST January 1955 pp. Across the 12 15 and 20m bands the SWR is less than 1. Feb 09 2020 20m mini yagi beam wimo zx yagi mini 2000 3 band minibeam el 10 15 20m horizontal mini v beams using mfj mobile hf verticals kl7jr wimo zx yagi mini 2000 3 band 4 Elelemt Yagi Beam Antenna for 20 meter Posted in HF Antennas On picture 1 you can see the GK 4 element 20m yagi on a 40ft boom on the construction pedestal for the 20m stacks All of the yagis were built on the pedestal you see under the beams. 6. 50 DL15DX Full size Delta Loop for 15 meters 48. 40 meter 3 element beam Yagi 7 MHz . 8 20 3. If you want a 10 meter dipole use a length of about 5 meters. 5 1 or less VSWR or 18. However on 20 meters and above the large horizontals present an azimuth pattern with many deep nulls. Driven element 66 39 reflector 70 39 spacing 20 39 with 12 or 14 copper wire. It is essentially an NVIS regional low bands antenna and unsuitable for DX work. . 1 MHz 1. 3 MHz 1. 70 Super Sloper Antenna. Instruction for the smaller NB6Zep Jr are found here. The Multielement Quad QST May 1963 pp. 1 318. at 1. If you use 18 gauge wire the table lengths need to be multiplied by 0. The first time I threw a line and hoisted this antenna into a huge maple tree in my back yard in Vermont I fired it up and heard Brazil coming in loud and strong on 20 meters. I originally used a dimension for the driven element based on the standard for mula for a 20 meter dipole 472 frequency MHz 33. Cut two 1 quot x 2 quot pieces of oak to a length of 2 feet. The DX Engineering HEXXAGONAL BEAM Mark 2 is a directional beam antenna made with fiberglass spreaders and wire elements that looks like a very large inverted umbrella frame. 0 68 7. 5 Beam antennas. 15 meter driven element wire. Over the years I have had a variety of antennas for 80m. We can offer you this antenna in a complete antenna kit For more information send us an e mail or look on www. 59 61 The latest design from K1KL of his miniature 40 meter quad. In the case of antennas for 20 meters you can see the antenna size begin to increase. I put a request for more information about wire beams on the Tower Talk reflector and got two major repsonses. Now the 2 1 SWR bandwidth of the beam exceeds the limits of 40 meters as the following table demonstrates Light Beam Antenna amp Apparatus LLC offers a variety of compact efficient and stealthy solutions. Formula for length of full wave loop. d band hexagonal beam for 6 20 meters. The constraints were a maximum height of 30 39 9 meters and inverted vee nbsp this beam and the dipole long wire or inverted Vee you struct two element beam optimized for 20 meters. VERY HEAVY DUTY 4 Element 10 Meter Beam. The 20 meter or 14 megahertz MHz radio band falls within the high frequency amateur radio spectrum. In general terms the half square antenna is a basic 2 element wire array fed in phase using two 1 4 wavelength verticals connected by a 1 2 wavelength horizontal phasing line Construct a compact 20 meter rotatable dipole antenna of durable weather worthy components supported at a single point obviating the need for multiple supports and multiple support ropes crossing the yard. 95 My first antenna was a 20 meter dipole cut to the middle of the General band out of 18 gauge insulated wire I picked up at Lowes. Boom made from 60 to 50mm tube. The pattern of the antenna in a flat top hori zontal configuration at 9. The reflector is about 113 inches so this works out to about 4. 3 1 21. Two quad designs are described HamR 7 40m 20 10m 6m 2m 220 and 440 MHz Antenna Cushcraft A270 6S Beam 2m and 440 MHz A430 11S Beam 440 MHz AR450 Vertical 440 MHz ARX2B Vertical 2m ARX450 Vertical 440 MHz MA5V Vertical 20 17 15 12 10m R 8TB Vertical Tilt Base Diamond V2000A Vertical 6m 2m 70cm X 30A Vertical 2m 70cm X 50A Vertical 2m 70cm X 200A Vertical 2m What you see here is a stacked array which exist from 2 times a 5 elements yagi. About 5 quot per side leg is a good change but do them ALL at the same time. 85 14. Do you have space for that size antenna The typical support mechanism for a 20 10 meter hex beam is a steel push up mast that costs around 100. Not bad for a VHF UHF antenna 2001 May 31 the mast. Each is of nearly identical current amplitude 10 hence the To transmission mode results for both traveling waves on the helix. Below is a three element Yagi beam on a 55 foot mast whose lowest operating frequency is 14 MHz. Jan 31 2020 40 meter mini moxon beam antenna at w7xa ham radio site wire beam types downlo my 2 meter 6 element super duper moxon antenna building the 6 meter moxon antenna If you put this antenna on for example 20 meter height you will be surprised about the results. Set it up. 5 54 MHz. I nbsp MONO 6 20 is a fullsize antenna for the band of 20 meters 14 MHz OWA beam designed for maximum performance. Raising it The Reflector Element is 33 39 3 of PCV covered Yellow wire. FS 50 foot tower 4 element beam. Reducing height to just under 1 2 wave reduces gain to about 3 dBd or less. Mar 17 2010 After a quick tune up of the FT 101E I put up a 20 meter resonant dipole to test operation on air. p. A year later I started phase two. Contact surfing is a lot easier than constantly rotating the beam and is a great antenna for round robin rag chews. Separate the speaker wire into two 18 foot lengths. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. 21 22 122 Reviving a neglected type of beam. A dipole antenna can be a very effective antenna providing a good level of performance especially if it is erected as high as reasonably possible and away from obstructions etc. 214 10 15 or 20 meter two element unidirectional wire antenna. Continuous wire loops with no nbsp 20 meters a very crowded very competitive daytime band 80 Meter Yagi at 140 Feet in 1984 Conductive guy wires degrading Yagi antenna performance. The antenna is rated to handle 125 Watts continuous and 1 500 watts PEP. Popularity 0 views 0 views per day 1 004 days on eBay. The best and cheapest wire to use for building such wire antennas verticals loops dipoles etc. For 20 meters this would be just under 20 feet. 23 Jun 2011 I have constructed a 20 meter wire beam on top of my garage. 5 dBi free space peak. Masts are available in many sizes and shapes. 63 Wire Beam Antenna for 80m. You can see that the tilted beam has better low angle performance but at My larger 20 meter delta works just as well sloped off of my chimney at only 18 feet or so up. The SE 20M can be also be setup for 17 Meter operation by resetting the reflector and element spacer settings with an VSWR of 1. Works great. 115 Multiband Half Wave Delta Loop Antenna 137 Wire Beam At an apex height of 20 meters and 10 elevation median of DX friendly angles on 40 meters this 3 element wire yagi outperforms a 2 element wire yagi with inverted vee elements by 2 db and one with dipole elements by 1 db. Beam A Helically Wound Two Element 40 Meter Yagi BY ROBERT WIFBY AND DOUG DE WICER tion of the two traveling waves which are directed oppositely. 20 meters wires are the highest. However the 2 1 nbsp 25 Feb 2019 Recently I was asked to design a reversible 3 element wire yagi. A 6 meter Moxon. Radioteletype is used frequently on this band as well. I 39 ve used 40 20 and 15 meter versions on Field Day and 20 and 15 meter versions from home. This Azmuth Plot graph shows the gain and also says that the beam width is 138 degrees between the 3 dB gain markers. Conceptually the multi band quad is a simple antenna with separate driven and reflector loops for each band. nc4fb. One restriction is that I can 39 t put up a usable tower or pole for a beam antenna. The Antenna is 68 and one half foot long one side is 23 feet long and the other is 45. Since 20 meters covers the frequency range of 14. 6 and it is below 2. Still tuned to 20 meters and changing the antenna switch to another loop reduces the background by several S points. It is just less than 2 fiberglass tubes and 14 or 16 gauge stranded copper wire. A dipole design for the 20 meter band is an Sep 02 2020 20m Wire Beam Antenna Posted on September 2 2020 by Sandra 2 element hamstick 20m beam build your own wire antenna pd9z a 2 element direct feed yagi for wire antennas for ham radio 20m mini yagi beam The Frequency Devices Half Wave Center Fed Dipole antenna is tuned to 14 MHz 20 Meters . Six wires would be used for the elevated radial system. 0 to 7. I came across a great write up by Sam Moore NX5Z in the March 2011 QST titled A Four Wire Steerable V Beam for 10 through 40 meters . Antenna Project Build a Multiband Wire Beam Moxon for 15 meter band I used an insulated wire and the resonant freq. 13 1846 15D. For 40 meters use a wire which is 20 meters long. The dimensions for this fat wire Yagi are these Driven element 64 39 reflector 70 39 spacing 20 39 . Being located in Ireland for the holidays my wife is. And with that basic design I started to work with MMANA GAL. 10 meter driven element wire. Simply wrap the wire around the bolts and tighten with a wrench. 5 to 28 ft high 20 meters and above or 80 meters and above Radials required Tuner required Remote tuner at the base is best Jan 31 2020 40 meter mini moxon beam antenna at w7xa ham radio site wire beam types downlo my 2 meter 6 element super duper moxon antenna building the 6 meter moxon antenna The element is hunk of surplus F18 aircraft hookup wire that I use for antennas Our club sells surplus stuff donated by IMP. Not bad for a few chunks of wire amp a piece of PVC. has that controversial Kapton insulation too . 8 to 54 MHz Later I put up an 80 meter dipole right behind the house fed with about 30 feet of RG 8X at about 20 feet supported in the middle with the 20 meter vertical aluminum dipole see elsewhere on this site . is AWG 18 1mm diameter enameled copper wire or similar. See drawing 1 in Fig 4. 75 14. No traps or adapting system the feed is nbsp A Wire Beam Design for 80 meters. Tower Pole as a Vertical Antenna for 80m 44 70. Twenty meters designates the length of the particular radio wave used to transmit and receive voice and Morse code. The materials I purchased were 1 kg of copper wire 4 fishing poles 4 mtrs of belden RG58 and some hose clamps. Jan 20 2013 20m Elevated Vertical Antenna. Consider the 2 element wire 40 meter beam. On 20 15 and 10 meters this beam type is used only by those who wish to operate solely in either the CW or data or the SSB portions of the band. 5 inches. Further development yielded a complete 5 band beam 20 17 15 12 10m a WARC WANTED Wire Measurer or Wire Meter or Wire Counter . cushcraft a3sdx 3 element 10 15 20 meters yagi beam antenna reinforced version of a3s particularly suited for dx peditions 629. 20 meter 4 element beam Yagi 14 MHz short boom. MultiBand Vee Beam Six Band One Element Beam 20 meters thru 6 From LA0HV Mystery Antenna 80M thru 6M John P Basilotto W5GI. 2 however on 28. Ref. The method presented here is the first and simplest of the The shorter wavelength 6 meters antenna wires are the lowest where the distance between spreader arms is least. and 20 Meter nbsp Typical Gain 10dbi on 10 and 15 meters 9 dbi on 20 meters. The balun is rather easy to make you need only a few items. 00 The minumum SWR is less than 1. The Multielement Quad The 2 Meter version of this antenna could be mounted up in the clear and quot sited quot on the center of Rochester. A 6 band one element horizontal V beam covering 20 17 15 12 10 and 6 meters Giving from 2. 6 dB 34 W No. Turning Radius 11 ft 2. Band conditions are the lowest they 39 ve ever been. 12. Mine is fed at the bottom corner through a Balun vertical The 18mm cylindrical photoelectric sensors BR Series features long detection distance up to 20m and high speed response time under 1ms. If tubes are used for element A length and wire for B amp D then use the wire dimensions for B amp D and adjust A for resonance. Actually the wire should be slightly shorter due to several factors. If you live nbsp Inverted V wire beam on 20 meter band. 35 MHz. Yagi antennas are quot mono band quot . The FRONT to BACK ratio is 19 dB which is not fantastic but that is not what I was after. A full size dipole antenna for the 20 mtr band spans about 10 meters 33 ft . 2 MHz 1. I moved to North Carolina 14 years ago and have been inactive until this month May 2013 . Ideal 1 Build a wire 20m yagi using a combination of about 4m of 50mm PVC pipe with a junction piece that cuts the boom down to 35mm diameter on the ends. 20 metre delta loop HF antenna Vertical HF whip antenna for 20 or 40 metres 10 20 metre Yagi in the attic 40 metre loaded dipole Multi band Inverted L antenna Make a rotating VHF UHF HAM SAT antenna array 80 metre end fed antenna Spectrum Communication trapped dipole 20 amp 40 metres Artificial grounding with the MFG 931 Band plans other site Jun 23 2011 A single band 20m 5 element Wire Beam . Like all 2 element driver reflector beams the gain is highest at the low end of the The thin element wire version of the array on 40 meters just manages about 2 1 ever builds a vertically oriented Moxon rectangle on 40 through 20 meters nbsp Compare this to a 20m yagi with a span of 10. 12 meter driven element wire. Trim the wire ends to extend about 1. 4. We had the antenna hooked up to my Kenwood TS 570S. The store bought center insulator worked magnificently. Some observations I share with Markus DL2GMS Performs great on 20 15 10 nice front back ratio for a 2 element full bandwidth for 20 15 with SWR 1. This yields a beam not much different than the size of a 2 element 15 meter antenna but resonant on 20 meters. All bands have similar patterns when 1 2 wavelength above ground but numbers for gain vary slightly. 68 Two Bands Half Sloper for 80m 40m. reader to study this enlightening piece. Put contact cement on the tooth picks or match stems before sliding them into the holes with the wires to hold them firm. 13 1846 12D. A few clever hams have succefully been able to keep their 40M wire beam in the air year round but most of these MONSTERS typically come down in the fist real story. 15 dBi . in mHz 468 10. This is Rob s antenna on the roof at his home. 1 MHz to be exact . 15M 5. Figure 1 The dual band Moxon antenna layout with basic element dimensions. Therefore a tower is not necessary. 40 Meter Antennas 40 ter OCF Dipole Vee K5QY Design 68 Ft 14 AWG Wire Fed through a 4 1 Current Balun Transceiver SWR 3 1 autotuner will match 40 20 15 10 meters 7. An antenna I 39 ve used for many years is a two element wire beam similar to a ZL Special. With the success on the invisible attic wire beam a lot of club members showed their interest on this trial and discussed possibility of similar nbsp 2. Dimension C is an insulator. Construction notes for the 30 meter dipole 468 freq. It has the advantage of being switchable in direction from front to rear although I don 39 t use that feature on Field Day. The other side of the SO 239 is attached to a horizontal half wave phasing line and then connected to another vertical element 1 4 wave aiming down to the ground. Worked a ton of DX. The Half Square antenna is a wire antenna with two vertical radiators fed in phase. The Series also features improved noise resistance with digital signal processing. Enter the desired frequency then click on Calculate and the optimum values for that combination will be displayed in feet inches and fractions of inches and in meters. I generally followed the pattern of the earlier half square with a few modifications. 00 14. org wordpress 6 meter moxon wire beam antenna . SWR Resonance See Curves Power Rating 1200 Watts P. tune by simply adjusting the length of the tubular elements. 350 Mc at 1. 7 or 50. NOTE. I wanted high efficiency 40 Meter antenna with low angle radiation. Bought some equipment and raised a 20 meter delta loop. 168 Mc at 1. Wanted a simple 20 meter hexbeam for dx. The antenna wire is cut to the length calculated by the formula. I used Dacron Phillistrand cord. Ver2cal 39 Wire 39 Antenna 39 Actually 39 a 39 ver2cally 39 orientated 39 resonate 39 1 2 39 wave 39 dipole 39 with 39 the 39 earth 39 being 39 the 39 return 39 half 39 Due 39 to 39 poor 39 ground 39 conduc2vity 39 a Switching to the 20 meter quad lifts the S meter on a quiet band to around S5 mostly made up of atmospheric or local impulse noises. 20 meter portable Yagi beam antenna. STACKED at 20 M at 10 M The Take off angle A and C see fig 9 degrees 8 degrees 14 degrees the gain 15 5dBD 13 55 dBD 13 02 dBD the front to back 22 dB 45 dB 45 dB Jun 28 2019 For Yagi antenna do it yourselfers one of the most important and problematic steps in the building process is deciding on the best method of matching the feedpoint of a low impedance Yagi design often 20 25 ohms at resonance to 50 ohms. Also covers 30 17 amp 12 meters with an antenna tuner. 1 dBd that s over a dipole on 20 meters to 10. 5 dBd. Next space the spreaders with the wires through the holes at intervals of either 18 or 20 inches 45. May 23 2014 At an apex height of 20 meters and 10 elevation median of DX friendly angles on 40 meters this 3 element wire yagi outperforms a 2 element wire yagi with inverted vee elements by 2 db and one with dipole elements by 1 db. Dual Band Sloper Antenna 39 63. In comparisons with a rotary dipole at 85 feet on the adjacent tower the beam at 51 feet outperformed the dipole and had much less noise as well as good front to back. A 35 foot pole should work well for 40 meters. 20 Multiband Tuned Doublet Antenna 114 Six Band Wire Stub Trap Antenna for 40m 10m. On 80m the minimum SWR is 1. PicClick Insights Ham Radio Beam Antenna Model B 24 Compact HF 20 15 10 and 6 Meters using tuner PicClick Exclusive. Around here this stuff is used for trawl fishing gear. 99 Flag Pole Verticals 15. 05. There are two feed lines. 80 meter Inv V Beam above Ground 3. If you depart from the use of 14 or 16 gauge wire you will need to make adjustments of the lengths of the wires. This will add less than a meter of shorter tubing on each end for a total boom length of around 5. Thanks to HyEndFed for a very efficient antenna system. It has gain and wave angle comparable to a full sized ground plane antenna with radials . give or take a tad . WTB 4 ELEMENT 20 MTR BEAM. gt gt We put the antenna up today for our annual special event at for the gt Harvest Faire at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown RI for this Subject hex beam Re Mfj 1486 20 6 meter Hex Beam Hi Roger Basically you factor the wire length by the desired percentage change in frequency. I cut a 6 foot section of wire out of the loop half way around the 40m loop as a daring experiment to give me a halo dipole for 80m. The Scotsman s Delight QST June 1963 pp. 5 and carefully A dipole design for the 20 meter band is an efficient and inexpensive antenna for the novice and veteran ham enthusiast alike. YCCC Scuttlebutt 117 June 1995. cool wire. Oct 22 2017. A 15 meter wire antenna that could be used indoors. It performed big wire antennas so a beam is a must. 27 watching Vertical Long Wire Building CDROM PDF KE3GK. A meter is slightly longer than a yard 39 inches . Subject hex beam Re Mfj 1486 20 6 meter Hex Beam Hi Roger Basically you factor the wire length by the desired percentage change in frequency. Being located in Ireland for the holidays my wife is Irish I wanted to take advantage of the space available in the countryside and enjoy the strategic position of Ireland during contest activities. A Dual Band Wire Beam 1Notes appear on page 32. The other way is to use full length wooden sections to stretch and support wire elements. Trap Master MD TD low power trapped wire dipole 10 15 20 or 40 meter MINI Series multi band beam 2 element 10 15 20 meter rotatable dipole 12 17 meter The ZL Special can be built as a rotary beam in two general ways. 00 Old price 750. 9 1 28. 44 39 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 meters 66 39 15 17 20 30 40 60 meters 88 39 20 30 40 60 80 meters The chief advantage of the broadside doublet is that you always know the directions of your radiation or your most sensitive reception. Super Sloper Antenna 44 69. Jun 02 2012 You ll recall my Moxon Beam for 15 meters that s done such a great job on that band. 14. Coils made nbsp 80 Meters also . The Ultra Beam antennas use length variable elements made of a perforated beryllium copper driven in and out by a sprocket of a step motor. Linear Loaded Sloper Antenna for 160m 43 68. The formula for a calculating the length of a full wave loop antenna is Length feet 1005 fMHz. . Our Light Beam and Light Beam Plus antenna models are Mono Band Antenna products that are designed for high performance in one Amateur Radio band from 20 to 10 Meters depending on the model. was a Performs great on 20 15 10 Items 1 25 of 51 Three Band Hybrid Quad Antenna 20 15 10 6 Meters 6 Meters Requires A Monoband HF Yagi 17m or 20m Band 4 Elements Learn More. So to reduce 52. His rig was an Oak Hills Research quot Classic quot running 221 micowatts to a 3 element 40 meter wire beam approximately 60 In my opinion dollar for dollar in over 20 years of both military and amateur experience this is the best simple wire nbsp KLM 20M 5 5 ELEMENT MONOBAND BEAM ANTENNA FOR 20 METERS 5 kW p. Wire 1 and 2 are the common parasitic reflector in the middle wire 3 and 4 are the NE driven element and wire 5 and 6 are the SW driven element. A 2 ele Yagi Driver amp Reflector for 17m and a 2 ele Yagi Driver amp Reflector for 12m could be added without affecting the patterns on 20 15 10m. My garage is I tried the 5 and 6 element beams on 20m to see which would fit. I first got the idea for a quot mini quot antenna from Frank G3YCC 39 s article in the QRPp quarterly June 1996. A Four Element 20 Meter Beam The four element quad at has a driven element second from left in this view reflector and two directors. Performance SWR lt 2 1 except for high end of 10 and 6 meters. 5 1 ERP 199 W at 85 degrees 30 deg 3 dB 99 W F S at 30 deg 5. gt To review the antenna is a 40 meter Moxon wire beam with a 2 gt element 20 wire meter beam inside. It shall be easy to adjust i . 8 39 . HF antennas don 39 t have to be expensive to work well. 13 1846 6D. If you use 12 gauge wire the table lengths need to be multiplied by 1. 2. This is not a bad compromise considering the low angle that is achieved. However it is possible to combine several 2 element Yagis on the same boom e. it is only 6 nbsp Dipoles are widely used on bands like 80 metres 40 metres 20 metres 15 metres and This means that a 40 metre dipole can also be used as a three half If the antenna wire becomes too tight as the wind moves the tree back and forth Log periodic antenna Parabolic reflector antenna Vertical antennas Yagi Antenna nbsp The Moxon Rectangle antenna is a very compact high performance Yagi beam The antenna has a very low VSWR across the whole 20 meter band and the nbsp Resonant Antenna Plus Random Wire Loading SECTION 4. W5GI Mystery Antenna. 10. A full size dipole antenna for the 20 mtr band spans about 10 meters 33 ft . Dimensions are in meters nbsp A wire yagi antenna for 20 and 40 meters band suitable for outdoor and field day operations 4 element yagi for 20 meters. . New Hex Beam from MFJ delivers solid gain and directivity on 20 17 15 12 10 and 6 Meters in a low profile package that will have your pocketbook and your neighbors smiling When it comes to lightweight directional HF antennas the MFJ 1846 Hex Beam tops the list for its low profile footprint solid construction and DX snagging design all a small triband Yagi at 15 to 20 meters will produce good results High gain full size triband Yagi or a small monoband Yagi or quad at 20 to 30 meters high Highest gain two stacked monoband Yagis on a 30 to 40 meter tower or 45 to 60 meters high with 3 Yagis stack switching a stackmatch provides high payoff at low cost The most popular of the extended length antennas is Louis Varney s G5RV configured for 20 meters. From David N5IZU MFJ Enterprises Inc Ameritron Hy Gain Hygain Cushcraft Vectronics Mirage MFJ MFJ Enterprises Antenna Radio Ham Radio Amateur Radio Tuner Analyzer Starkville Amplifier Aug 20 2017 There is a third alternative for a nested pair of Moxon rectangles using our designated 17 meter and 12 meter pair. This alternative employs 1 8 wavelength stubs somewhat after the fashion of the OptiBeam 40 meter 20 meter combination. in over 20 years of both military and amateur experience this is the best simple wire antenna. 4 MHz I cut seven pieces of 14 AWG wire to a length of 20. F. 20M4DX 14. I built the antenna with the center post mounted on a 5 foot mast that I stuck into the center hole for the umbrella in a metal patio table. From Ireland if you work East The Quad is also a wire beam having 2 or more elements covering the 20 17 15 12 10m bands and then a WARC version covering 30 17 12m as well as a Low Band A 40m wire beam is possible but it can be a real MONSTER and should not be thought of as small or light. 5 feet long with high quality components used throughout. 15. A good calculator can be found here at Ham Universe 39 s site . 7 dBi. 000 Mc to 14. For 40m it s 2. 5 39 long while the reflector tail D is 4. 1 2. The Wire Yagi. for 17 and 12 Meters T This wire beam Moxon antenna offers double duty on 17 and 12 meters with one 50 feed line. One wire would be used for the main vertical element. Wire Beam Antenna for 80m 38 62. E. DX Engineering HEXX Beam Mark 2 antennas offer gain and front to back performance that will exceed your expectations 80 Meter Wire Beam Here is the Eznec picture of the antenna. 2K views. The 570 39 s tuner matched the rig to the antenna on 20 and 40 meters. The 4 wavelength per leg V beam had 6 dBd gain when just under 1 wavelength high. SWR Below 2 1 on Elements No. 350 80 Meter Wire Beam Here is the Eznec picture of the antenna. 11. 5oz. I used an antenna modeling pro gram called AO which stands for Antenna Optimizer. Having used simple wire dipoles and verticals for many years I have found that too many of gain similar to a two maybe even a three element yagi air variable capacitor of at least 30 pf can be used to resonate on the 30 or 20 meter band. F MHz Feet or 1 4. 5 element wire Yagi antenna for 20 m A 5 element wide spaced yagi for the 20m long path to Europe was installed at ZL6QH the antenna is fed with a 600 ohm open wire feed line. The elements are about the same length as the 20 meter elements of the C3 above it. 4 dBd. 3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth 66 . 14 7 Strand Hard Drawn Copper wire. 7 Mhz. 0 to 14. average gain at 20 meters above ground the wind loading values include a correction factor which considers that most of the tubing is round and that never nbsp 13 Dec 2019 Thanks to quot Ham Radio CQ quot for this ultra simple and inexpensive 20 meter antenna. 13 1846 20R. Better yet the gain is more consistent across the band than any 2 element yagi. 72 The spider beam is a full size lightweight tribander yagi for 20 15 10m made from fiberglass and wire. It is most resonant at 14. Continuous wire loops with no stubs are used for each element nbsp DXE HEXX 5WRP HEXXAGONAL BEAM 5 band Wire amp Wire Guide. A second advantage is the antenna 39 s simplicity for a 4 1 frequency range with the bi directional characteristic. 12 dBi to 10. Ham Radio antenna that needs no trimming and covers 40 Meters 20 Meters 10 Meters and 6 Meters with SWR Less Than 3 to 1. 30 14. Kurt Kochendarfer Problematic operations above 20m. There are two supports 22 39 long gt fiberglass poles at each end spaced 45 39 . Nov 08 2017 The wire elements are pre cut and terminated with ring terminals for 20 meters. net BTW mine is up at 25 feet above the patio on 20 meters placing the hex beam above the yagi spaced by about 20 39 seems to work well and does not seem to interact hex beam Build Your own Hex The hexagonal beam or known by many as the hex beam has become a wildly popular antenna. These broadband HF antennas are small size and offer continuous coverage from 1. 66 ZL Special Beam Antenna for 15m. Jan 07 2016 I 39 ve been a ham 35 years and enjoy building my own stuff. Get a strong clear signal with less noise from 2 meters through 40 meters with your choice of single and multi band Yagi antennas with up to 16 elements. 20 meter wire beam